100-Pound Weight Loss with CrossFit – DK’s Story

Watch the amazing 100-pound weight loss story with Danielle Kuehnel (DK). She began Crossfitting in November 2010 and if you were to ask her friends, CrossFit has not only become a huge part of her life, it’s also helped her surpass major weight loss goals while transforming her physical strength, confidence, and outlook on life. Read more about Danielle’s CrossFit journey and her experience with Weight Watchers on her blog: www.DKGETSFIT.com Subscribe to 3V goo.gl More Shows from 3V: www.youtube.com All Episodes of AMRAP: goo.gl AMRAP takes you inside the world of CrossFit, a competitive strength and conditioning program hailed as the fastest growing fitness movement in the world. From top athletes to everyday people both young and old, AMRAP delivers the most inspiring stories of CrossFit’s incredible ability to change bodies and strengthen bonds.

Surviving Reality: Inspirational Stories By Ordinary People Who Faced The Moment Of Truth

“A fascinating page-turner that compels you to face actuality.”

– Byron Miranda, KGTV San Diego
Surviving REALITY is that moment of truth that triggers our consciousness to let go of the doubt, the worry, the anger, and the blame. It’s that moment of believing in something more, accepting the truth of our choices, and choosing to perservere again.
In this book, Melissa Perry Moraja provides penetrating insight into how each of us has created our own reality, and how simple it is to change it. Discover how to cope with life’s everyday challenges, why we should pay attention to that gut feeling. and how to rekindle faith in ourselves and each other. Surviving Reality shares powerful anecdotes that give us a new approach to coping with our own reality. In the end, this inspirational book provides a gentle way to begin helping people discover that within the phase in between crisis and a new beginning there is a purpose, an answer, a healing, and a growth in consciousness.
Melissa Perry Moraja, founder of Melissa Productions, Inc. and author of Empower Your Soul, Get the Vibe!, and two children’s book series Splatter and Friends and Jake’s Adventures, captures reality dead on. With two degree’s and many years working in highly visible positions of change for company’s such as IBM, Melissa now spends her time consulting, speaking, writing, and parenting her three children.

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  1. BotChumbaWumba says:

    Beast it!

  2. bodybyjay says:

    So proud of DK!

  3. brodes25 says:

    Good on ya! Thumbs up

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