2012 MTV Movie Awards: Channing Tatum

The actor and wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum joke about his sexy performance in the upcoming flick “Magic Mike.”

Channing Tatum Poster #01 Shirtless Muscles 24×36

Measures 2 feet x 3 feet approximately. Great item in excellent condition.

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23 Responses to 2012 MTV Movie Awards: Channing Tatum

  1. peacockfeather21 says:


  2. MsRobinDuke says:

    A great looking couple!!!! They laugh so much together!  Great to see that!

  3. Jennyyx3Lovee says:

    they use breast tape, which is basically double sided tape

  4. heyheygirl78 says:

    HE HAS A WIFE……..?

  5. 93slimshady says:

    amzing video

  6. whiteswan00 says:

    aww i think she is such a sweetheart and hollywood has not fazed the couple at all
    best wishes <3

  7. harliette says:

    He transcends athlete & dancer no scholar could speak!♥☺

  8. woodsgirl84 says:

    At least she knows what she’s got!

  9. tonathan123 says:

    oh jenna i am so jealous of u rite now if only channing was NOT married

  10. Kato Ita says:

    love them both!

  11. Clangmister says:

    He’s looks at her like she’s the most beautiful women in the world.
    It’s so sweet!

  12. cd843190 says:

    That dress his wife is wearing is a little much! Its not a porno! Cover that shit up! If its for your hubby, well he clearly knows what it all looks like. js.

  13. LKat900 says:

    Wow that lady behind them seemed like a bitchhhh. 

  14. PeruvianJew says:

    They are a great couple – love their personalities together

  15. Jim Harrison says:

    Nail some Tatum babies…grandparents are hinting back in Alabama. gha

  16. Zemissdance says:

    It’s fun the way Jenna react huhhu yeah yeah yes… =)

  17. SilverLeguar says:

    they’re honestly the perfect couple. she has a great sense of humor

  18. Tommy Le says:

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  19. 12011alicia says:

    Dang I can’t believe Jenna gets to have Channing in between her legs! 🙁 was just imagining that while watching. Ridiculous I know lol!
    he’s so fucking hot! Never thought that at 18 I would want a 32 year old all over me -_-

  20. Mae Ann Asentista says:

    her beauty isnt charming……….. i dont like her for Channing

  21. ACollins89 says:

    I was thinking that!!! Who the fuck is she and why is she so snobby looking!?

  22. Taylah Alderton says:

    They are cute together 🙂

  23. gparadise08x says:

    does he do that for you in the bedroom? really? papz gone mad.. stop asking redic questions folks. and celebs..stop answering them!

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