#26Acts of Kindness. Are you in?

Thousands are joining NBC News’ Ann Curry to perform acts of kindness to honor the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy and bring light to their own communities. Are you in? #26Acts

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10 Responses to #26Acts of Kindness. Are you in?

  1. Anthony Vengrove says:

    I’m in. Here’s one idea to consider: buy Scarlett Lewis’ book, Rose’s Foal, as a gift this holiday season. Scarlett lost her son Jesse last Friday. The book was written a few years ago, was dedicated to her two sons and is eerily prophetic. It’s simply a touching story of a mother’s love for her children. Consider buying a copy to honor Jesse’s memory. It’s easily found on Amazon.

  2. Kim Johnson says:

    I’m in Ann! This weekend I sponsored a young girl in Guatemala through Compassion International and now I’m going to collect cards from my office to send to Sandy Hook. As a girl born and raised in Connecticut it warms my heart to see everyone standing behind us. Go America!

  3. Edie Buie says:

    Sadly, it takes the bullet riddled bodies of little ones to get this insane and inane society focused on what is important. We, the sane people of the US, must seize this moment and make it count; and, finally see an end to the horrors of Newtown, VA Tech, Columbine, Aurora…

  4. Fred W. Fries says:

    I knew there was something about Ann Curry that I liked……Now I know why!
    Fred @ Fred W. Fries Inc. Portland, Or.

  5. Joy Julian says:

    I love it when I wake up and Ann Curry is the voice of reason and compassion. Everyone can perform acts of kindness – I love this!!!! IM IN!

  6. AngelAtTwilight says:

    I’m in.

  7. Janet Sanford says:

    Listened kindly to a service person who was here to work on our compressor as he expressed his grief over one of the teachers who was killed and offered support even though we were standing outside in the cold. He had known the teacher as a friend and had also lost his mom recently. Hugged him. I saw relief in his face after.

  8. TAECC1 says:

    We’re in – our small church gave our neighborhood elementary school $1,000 to help needy children this Christmas and we are giving our Christmas Eve offering to them as well. They were so happy! We are totally blessed.

  9. Mark Barone says:

    Yes Ann, I’m In. This week I’m working with City Team Ministries International, which I work yearly during holiday season. For 2 hours each day Mon-Wed packed up food boxes to get ready to deliver this Saturday 12/22. to certain qualified families with children. Deliveries will include 15,000 toys to 2500 children, and 978 food boxes. Drivers are needed!, Sproul Street, Chester, PA, who else is in? 

  10. Carol Levin says:

    I just read the book “Each Kindness” by Jacqueline Woodson to 150 K-3rd graders today.. Chloe speaks about how a new girl in class, Maya, gets the empty seat next to her and tries to be friends. But Chloe and her clique will have none of the poor white kid in her old ragged clothes… Then Maya’s family moves away, and she is forever gone, leaving Chloe without the chance to put things right…both words and pictures powerfully evoke Chloe’s shame and sorrow over the kindness she has not shown.

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