Alicia Keys – Listen To Your Heart (Girl On Fire Album) (Full Song)

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Follow Your Heart

An international bestseller with tremendous word-of-mouth appeal, Follow Your Heart is a bittersweet, heartwarming novel spanning generations and teaching the universal truths about life, love, and what lies within each of us.  Originally published in Italy, Follow Your Heart won the coveted Premio Donna Citta di Roma and sold over 800,000 copies in that country alone before hitting bestseller lists throughout the rest of Europe.  Now North American readers can enjoy the novel that has won over the world.

It begins in late autumn 1992 as an elderly Italian woman, prompted by the knowledge of her encroaching death, sits down to write a letter to her granddaughter now grown and living in far-off America.  Through these moving reflections, we see one life laid bare–joys, sorrows, regrets, and all.  And through the eyes of a woman nearing the end of her days, we come to understand what life experience has taught her:  that no matter what the stakes, we must look within ourselves and gather the courage to follow our hearts.

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25 Responses to Alicia Keys – Listen To Your Heart (Girl On Fire Album) (Full Song)

  1. Tiesha Thomas says:

    Are people in danger?


    I love this song

  3. Kam PG says:

    she is proper queen… and this is my favorite song from whole album, absolutely stunning!!!

  4. ThomasabiR says:


  5. joeysmithers90 says:

    What an amazing song. Am I the only one who hears traces of Alicia’s “Dreaming,” which didn’t make the cut for Element of Freedom?

  6. Skylar Stecker says:

    i love this song soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!! It is awesome!


    its the aaaaahhhh oooooooooo in the song because in Dreaming hooooooooo oooooooo they have the same style sort of speak

  8. olusheyi banjo says:

    This is a great song.One of her best

  9. ChowPleez says:

    I can take songs from each of her albums and create the ideal album/playlist. She has really good songs but her albums as a whole are just basic and ok. She always has 1 or 2 BANGERZ and the rest is just bland

  10. ChowPleez says:

    I’m so glad she didn’t do that electronic dance music on this album that everyone in america has sold their souls to. I’m honored by thst!

  11. chooseywon says:

    Yeahhhhhh, I instantly loved this song when I heard it and it was killing me that I couldnt it out right away and then it finally snapped! Lol. Great song(s)!

  12. NoremacTheGreat says:

    This album is classic, so many hit records.

  13. houston4848 says:

    Just beautiful

  14. TheLaptop12 says:

    guys i just ‘ve done a little vocal remix of this song,pls check out my channel and left your opinion, just doing it for fun 🙂

  15. semjon02 says:

    simply amazing!!! thumbs up for alicia keys!!!

  16. SarahKbm says:

    Thank God she made this album!

  17. kajce90210 says:

    <3 <3 <3 SERBIAAAAAA <3 <3 <3

  18. Iz Zy says:

    U must be some kind of hater. How could you call Alicia’s music bland? You must be one of them new pop fans. Go to sleep or listen close.

  19. ChowPleez says:

    @Iz Zy this is how I call it bland, I come to one of her songs on this website and type it- and you’re because I can do it lol. There’s nothing u can do about it! Poor baby…

  20. Antsa Tiana says:

    amazing !

  21. Jacqueline Smith says:

    This song is so amazing!!!

  22. flyphoenix22 says:

    Love this song! Instantly puts a smile on my face! 🙂

  23. Safina Thomas says:

    Love it!

  24. marinemorales says:

    *Audiorgasmique *

  25. anitabreakone says:

    Possibly the best song on the album. Love it.

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