Bob Welsh – My Christmas Eve

To find out more about Bob Welsh and to order CDs and books or to book Bob for a speaking engagement please visit Drawing from a lifetime of experiences that include a tour of duty in the US Navy and 29 years as an Ohio State Trooper, Bob has mesmerized listeners around campfires, in churches, schools and auditoriums with inspirational stories of fact, fiction and humor set to verse.

Two Shadows: The inspirational story of one man’s triumph over adversity

From the darkness of a six foot by eight foot cell in solitary confinement to the top of the highest peak in the Western Hemisphere, this is the captivating story of one man’s struggle to recover from a troubled past.

Charlie is known to his friends as an accomplished mountain climber and entertaining storyteller. Few know the story of his childhood, filled with neglect and abuse. Fewer still realize that he spent seven years of his youth in the shadow of juvenile detention and prison. 

After relegating those painful memories to a place far from his current life, Charlie is confronted with his past as he tries to enter Canada for an ice climbing vacation with friends.

“Have you ever been convicted of a felony?” the Canadian Border Services Officer inquired. “No,” I responded with a straight face and sweaty palms. “Are you sure you’ve never been convicted of a felony?” he repeated. “Not since 1955,” I admitted, guiltily. So began my journey back in time to a place I thought I had forever left behind.

Charlie faces his past once again, finding strength in his unconquerable spirit, unique sense of humor, and the focus he’s found through his passion for mountaineering. He takes you from the tenements and alleys of pre-World War II Chicago through jails, reformatories, and the hell that was prison. From solitary confinement to the jungles of the Amazon, the heights of the Himalayas, the isolation of the desert Southwest, and many points in between.

His story will move you, entertain you, frustrate you, and ultimately inspire you to turn the dark shadows of life into the triumphant shadows cast by the mountains you climb — whatever form they may take.

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25 Responses to Bob Welsh – My Christmas Eve

  1. Woody2946 says:

    God Bless you, Bob Welsh, and all you who who serve and protect us. God
    Bless you Trooper Sue McKay!
    1Th 5:24 Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it.

  2. c2282388660two says:

    Sir, to simply say “Thank you” for your lifetime of public service can not come close to how I feel for what you have given to us, but I have no other words to say. I wish one day I could meet you and shake your hand. again, Thank you!

  3. 22earthday says:

    Oh my god i got the goose bumps at the end. god bless you for sharing

  4. The00320 says:


  5. Benitojacova says:

    god bless you sir!

  6. shaudee67 says:

    Bless you, Trooper. What a wonderful gift you are giving us, just as you gave to those different people on past Christmas Eves.

  7. deadaltair1 says:

    very touching it made me want to cry

  8. kefaleque says:

    If you believe in god, then he makes miracles in your life. God bless you BOB and Sue Mackey.

  9. MrIncredible2293 says:

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    All I did was play ball and all he did was music

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    He’s doing good so far. His video is on my channel and its deep

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  10. Tina Stinnett says:

    Sir, i loved how you made it rhyme. I also loved the different stories! God bless you and everyone who’s reading this comment!!!

  11. KentuckyJet says:


  12. KentuckyJet says:


  13. Margpeg101 says:

    I think this is wonderful!!

  14. wiseup1000 says:

    Quite simply,,, thank you.

  15. drivershow says:


  16. kumberbear says:

    Not a dry eye in this house..
    it is indeed a wonderful life!

  17. Archie Andrews says:

    God Bless you Mr. Welsh, and to ALL whom protect us on a daily Basis!

  18. tileman111 says:

    beautiful… merry Christmas

  19. racefan32 says:

    61 Grinch’s showed up.and dis-liked this video

  20. 417Gina says:

    God bless you Mr Welsh.

  21. Ngaio Robbins says:

    thank you to all the ‘highway patrols’ and police Ambos Firies etc that help keep us safe
    from Nio in Australia

  22. Dawn Heisler says:

    God bless our first responders and for all they do!

  23. alisejulia says:

    Beautiful. Sharing with everyone I know.

  24. Evelyn McGee says:

    This gave me goose bumps. God bless all the policemen who are honest and caring, as they often put their lives on the line for us. And blessings, too, for Sue McKay.

  25. e4300 says:

    This has all the aspects of a motivational speaker. Well choreographed story. 

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