Break Your Heart – Taio Cruz – Soprano Sax

“TIME CHANGE” EP now available!! iTunes: Amazon: Google Play: Find on Facebook: Follow on Twitter: Watch in HD!!! My soprano and tenor saxophone cover of the song Break Your Heart performed by Taio Cruz featuring Ludacris. This is off of his studio album Rokstarr

Follow Your Heart: Finding Purpose in Your Life and Work

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22 Responses to Break Your Heart – Taio Cruz – Soprano Sax

  1. Zoe Chu says:

    The question is not why, but rather, why NOT?

  2. Chuck Norris says:

    Don’t question, just enjoy.

  3. BriansThing says:

    I am here to entertain

  4. TimeLine2Point0 says:

    Any tips for just starting out on sax?

  5. misscolewilliams says:

    This is amazing!!!!
    what brand soprano are you using?

  6. deathslice60 says:


  7. forkball1968 says:

    That was pretty cool, I’m not gonna lie

  8. roddieroddie1 says:

    He is awsome.Fuck anyone who didn’t like him.

  9. weq7 says:

    your sound quality is amasing

  10. luckybucky98 says:

    4 people must have their hearts broken =( this is an awesome cover i play alto and tenor saxophone do u reccomend mouth pieces or techniques?

  11. Adams Diomande says:

    Beast Mode!!!

  12. Saxophone1225 says:

    wow! you are awesome!!!!!!! do you just listen to the music and work out the parts or what?

  13. tenorbaby wolves says:

    Beautiful intonation

  14. Babymonster1021 says:

    I love the hip movements haha, you’re amazing 🙂

  15. strawberryunicorn4 says:

    I wide tots play that if I wasn’t so dedicated to my oboe 🙂

  16. Lea Gold says:

    I love the sax. I play clarinet and jus started to learn how to play the soprano sax as well cause it shouldn’t be that hard with a clarient background. I hope I can sound as good as you after a while 🙂

  17. Billay Espinosa says:

    as a fellow saxophone-ist i thoroughly enjoyed this

  18. bob stevenson says:

    what do you mean almost spot on?!?!?!

  19. hockeydudewpg12 says:

    This is really good

  20. Dennis Lelic says:

    How it’s done good job!

  21. klarnecistka97 says:

    You are amazing *.*

  22. tnbstudios1 says:

    Amazing work

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