Byron Katie / Jenny McCarthy: Turn It Around Movie Trailer

For more about the movie, visit Turn It Around with Byron Katie Produced by Jenny McCarthy This film shows Byron Katie doing The Work with a variety of people: a woman whose brother has been killed in Iraq, a woman terrified of getting her heart broken, a man who feels unattractive, a woman depressed because polar bears are starving, among others. With her humor and lovingly incisive clarity, Katie demonstrates to each of us how dramatically The Work can change our lives. “Katie’s events are riveting,” The Times of London said. “Her laser-like tough love burns away all illusions.” To learn more about The Work of Byron Katie, please visit This is a Formless Art Production. Copyright © 2009 Byron Katie, Inc. All rights reserved. Promotional use only.

Belly Laughs: The Naked Truth about Pregnancy and Childbirth

Oh, the joys of pregnancy! There’s the gassiness, constipation, queasiness, and exhaustion, the forgetfulness, crankiness, and the constant worry. Of course, no woman is spared the discomforts and humiliations of pregnancy, but most are too polite to complain or too embarrassed to talk about them. Not Jenny McCarthy! In the New York Times best-selling Belly Laughs, actress and new mother Jenny McCarthy reveals the naked truth about the tremendous joys, the excruciating pains, and the unseemly disfigurement that go along with pregnancy. Never shy, frequently crude, and always laugh-out-loud funny, McCarthy covers it all in the grittiest of girlfriend detail. From morning sickness and hormonal rage, to hemorrhoids, pregnant sex, and the torture and sweet relief that is delivery, Belly Laughs is must-read comic relief for anyone who is pregnant, who has ever been pregnant, is trying to get pregnant, or, indeed, has ever been born!

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21 Responses to Byron Katie / Jenny McCarthy: Turn It Around Movie Trailer

  1. JaneyfromKorea says:

    I accidentally rated it a two and not a five!! :(

  2. crheath2001 says:

    Is that Meryl Streep (2:31)???

  3. ILOVE2FeelGOOD says:

    Thanks so much - BK is amazing!!!!!

  4. unhappyalways says:

    Maybe it is more convincing if you tell others your own direct experience, how The Work has transformed YOU rather than about others. That would make it more convincing. Katie is not a spiritual philosopher. She is a woman who knows what hurts and what doesn’t.

  5. RyanRandolphYangTown says:

    The Work works!  I am a big fan of BK and very happy to see Jenny Mccarthy take it and run with it. Looking forward to seeing the film. Nice work 🙂

  6. SabineBe says:

    yeah… beautiful – thank you so much. nice work 🙂

  7. carmelogb says:

    I feel so blessed I have this amazing tool in my life! Thank you!

  8. Plorel says:

    HEy… does anyone have any information about when or if the movie will be uploaded?

  9. waiataaroha says:

    NONSENSE …… The movie download was for free & now they want to charge 10$ for it ….. GREEED

  10. alukuhito says:

    Wake up. It’s still free. I’m watching it now. For free. It wasn’t available when they expected it to be, so you could’ve just entered your e-mail. They would then send you a link and a coupon code to download it for free. Quit your complaining. BTW, I’m watching it, and there’s this funny part with a woman talking about saving the polar bears. I have the feeling this is the comedian Cathy Jones pulling a prank. Anyone else out there think the same?

  11. 1956emily says:

    I just watched the movie and again feel so grateful for The Work being available, to each of us, to take us back to the truth of ourselves. The movie so aptly demonstrates how the images and concepts of our minds, cloud the truth. As usual I love being in the presence of Katie and love watching her guide us back to reality.

  12. jmbsol says:

    i put my email on the list but never got any email. Oh well.

  13. alukuhito says:

    I posted info. to your address. For some reason Youtube doesn’t like URLs posted in the comments.

  14. lauren8788 says:

    i also gave them my email and never got a link for the free download…what is with the charge now?

  15. lauren8788 says:

    Wake up? Before I left the country for 12 days, they said the free download would be available in a day or so. Now they are charging a fee to download? What is up with that?

  16. alukuhito says:

    What exactly are you complaining about? If you entered your e-mail for the free download, they would’ve sent you a code to enter at the website so you can download it for free. Anyway, if you know the work, there’s nothing new. Maybe you shouldn’t leave the country and expect everything to be laid out for you when you come back, your highness.

  17. lauren8788 says:

    wow. someone has an anger issue apparently; maybe you should do the work on that.
    what you stated was untrue. many people have said they entered their email and did not receive a code.
    and who are you to tell me that i shouldn’t leave the country?…major attitude problem, your highness. hope you get that under control! all the best.

  18. alukuhito says:

    All you do here is blame other people. First you complain about some issue that doesn’t exist, then you go around complaining about me, saying that I have anger issues… That’s not going to get you your code, you know?

  19. lauren8788 says:

    ahhh. are you the keeper of the ‘code’? if you will re-read these posts, it should become apparent that you are the one who is antagonizing and complaining. you chose to attack me for simply stating the facts as they were for me. you have no business commenting on what my experience is. I merely stated that i entered my email, expected the download code, and it did not come. that’s it.
    you need to work it out a bit. stay out of my business and stay in your own.
    thank you.

  20. KhunMeg says:

    Just to help peeps who may have pre-ordered the download (for free) via email and didn’t get it:
    It seems that Spam filters hijacked the emails containing the coupon codes. Boo!
    And yes, this includes Gmail where you’ll have to do a mail search and then click on “broaden your search” to retrieve said email. Apparently, there are quite a few coupons just waiting in Spam folders!
    <3 Meg

  21. susiontour says:

    all the works Byron did with ppl made me understand the work better and better until now that I even do the work with others. the turn it around movie are those works but even more pleasant to watch.

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