Catfight?! Scarlett Johansson + Jessica Biel + Justin Timberlake

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Easy Virtue

Jessica Biel, Colin Firth, Kristin Scott Thomas and Ben Barnes bring Noël Coward’s witty comedy of manners magnificently to life in this “deliciously cheeky” (Ella Taylor, The Village Voice) adaptation from director Stephan Elliott (The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert). When British playboy John brings his new wife Larita – a race car-driving feminist from Detroit – home to meet the family at their country estate, pretty much everyone’s expectations are disappointed. His snooty mother is offended by Larita’s carefree American ways, while Larita does everything she can to get her mother-in-law to loosen up, which only annoys her even more. John’s sisters have diametrically opposed feelings about their new sister-in-law, but his father is intrigued to have finally found another who sees through the family’s façade – and takes great perverse pleasure in watching his wife meet her match.

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25 Responses to Catfight?! Scarlett Johansson + Jessica Biel + Justin Timberlake

  1. tcrump212 says:


  2. AveIvy says:

    Here’s the thing, they’re married . . . so the bitch has to back the F off!

  3. Nicole Luera says:

    GURL YES! Quaadir! I live for you! about damn timeeee

  4. monsweet16 says:


  5. osob musa says:

    guuurrlll im here for Qadiiiir

  6. rvggarcon says:

    This is his brand of comedy, this is why he has close to 100,000 subscribers. Deal with it. You know you wouldn’t be complaining about someone being overtly masculine, stop lying.

  7. addbackwards says:

    I came here Qaadir! The fans WANT MORE!! 😀

  8. Kenny Emerson says:

    No one should have to “turn it down” just to make others more comfortable. Get over it.

  9. jason0998 says:


  10. jpking2012 says:

    Not only would I, we do it every time at the gym, watching meat heads trying to get the attention of girls. It’s just my opinion man, I don’t like overly flamboyant people.

  11. jpking2012 says:

    So by your logic, if I go to the movies, pay for my ticket and a dates, the annoying kid sitting in front of a packed theater testing with his screen on full brightness about every 30 seconds shouldn’t have to turn that down to make the rest of the room more comfortable? But anyway, like I said I respect him for who he is, and he can do him.

  12. wkazii says:

    Qaadir !!!

  13. Kayla Shante says:

    HOLY SHAT! It’s Qaadir ! <3

  14. MehRomanceIsChemical says:

    I love quadir

  15. MegaScorp21 says:

    where was the joke, it seems like he just yelled it out ?

  16. differentyesterday says:

    Yay 4 Qaadir! 

  17. Mark Jackson says:

    Love you Qaadir!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. HannahVioletCarter says:


  19. CherishBomb says:

    whaaaat??!! not MY boo Scarlett!!! no, ma’am!

  20. Brooklyn Greer says:

    keep my broskie quaadir on the show! 🙂

  21. hattersuffa says:

    Samantha from TYTU, and Qaadir from Timaya!! D: I just died for a 1-2 second. <3 them.

  22. jb44421 says:

    WE LOVE QAADIR!!!! He’s the best on the show 🙂

  23. august198620 says:


  24. hq78 says:

    how come whenever a black person is on this show, he’s a faggot?

  25. aekeful says:


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