Celine Dion – My Heart Will Go On (Le Grand Show – France 2 – 24/11/12)

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21 Responses to Celine Dion – My Heart Will Go On (Le Grand Show – France 2 – 24/11/12)

  1. jacsblack5 says:

    amazing. Love her so much 🙂

  2. Tiago Fragoso says:

    playback from cd <3

  3. Creevie says:

    omg wads the point of this show for my dear celine?! lipped to 1997, could this show be more blatant or wad omg haha

  4. leroimth says:

    Super bien chanté

  5. André de Koning says:

    I do not understand why she lipsync….she has beautiful voice!!♥

  6. Yeliel94 says:

    Beau Playback! mdr

  7. CurtisWoodsideVideo says:

    Ok – People, She actually sang live there. The TV Station has replaced the audio for TV viewing purposes. They Do this very often when they can not get a good live recording on the evening.

  8. MeNippy O says:

    the queen of playback!

  9. Matthew Cuyugan says:

    Why Celine called the queen of playback even if many female singers lipped also. :((

  10. Lucas Goigolé says:

    ah não celine … vc é melhor que isso

  11. Deva7 says:

    She IS freakin queen of playback. Face it. She even lipsyncs to the most difficult verses from Power of Love on her concerts. She is a money cow who’d go and perform anywhere if the price is right. Even if she’s vocally unable. She wants people to believe she’s flawless, but she’s actually phony.

  12. benjgoofy says:

    Je l’écoute depuis mes 4 ans sa fait maintenant 10 ans que j’écoute cette voix merveilleuse , avec une puissance musicale impressionnante 3

  13. Constantin Jenson says:

    Can anybody please tell me WHY CELINE DION in this performance is NOT SINGING LIVE???
    I really want to know. I am tired to listen her under playbacks. what hides beneath that? Business?, money? popularity? Project problems?

    Thank you

  14. Matthew Cuyugan says:

    Ok. That’s ur own percetion but I understand. 🙂

  15. prescillia71 says:

    ces du playback jsui deçu !!!!

  16. I0omAxo0I says:

    C’est épouvantable que les chaines privilégient le playback, on prend vraiment les gens pour des portefeuilles sur pattes complètement hypnotisés par le vide télévisuel.

  17. celinedion57155 says:

    I was there, in the audience, she only sang 2 songs live (qui a le droit and j’irai ou tu iras) and a little bit of Rolling in the deep! All the other songs were playback! But the musicians were playing live on most of the songs, … I was a little bit disappointed, but hey! She is Celine, so I can forgive her anyhing, I was so happy to see her for the 2nd time!
    So sorry but my heart will go on was not live on that evening!

  18. toval82 says:

    Most of the time when singers lip sync at TV shows like this, it is because of acoustic/logistic problems. But if she sang two other songs live then i’m not sure why she didn’t sing ALL of them live. I know Celine LOVES to sing AND she has the ability.

  19. celcar57 says:


  20. celcar57 says:

    do u think she dont fell tired by keep on travel,one day or two days.

  21. les7erreurs says:

    Ce dimanche sur Chabada spécial Céline Dion à 16 h 40 sur Fr 3 en live

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