Channing Tatum & Marlon Wayans talk GI JOE & the advance reviews

Marlon Wayans & Channing Tatum talk to Paul Byrne for – Here the GI JOE stars talk about Rise of Cobra – the new movie from Steven Somers. Channing Tatum plays Duke in GI JOE, he’s recently appeared in Fighting, Step Up 2, Stop-Loss and Public Enemies. Coming up he’s got Pinkville, The Stanford Prison Experiment, The Brotherhood of the Rose, Dear John and The Eagle of the Ninth. Marlon Wayans is currently getting ready to release Dance Flick and Scary Movie 5. He shot to fame thru TV shows The Wayans Bros and In Living Color For more movie news and features visit http

(11×17) Channing Tatum – Shirtless Movie Poster

(11×17) Channing Tatum – Shirtless Movie Poster

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25 Responses to Channing Tatum & Marlon Wayans talk GI JOE & the advance reviews

  1. Rampagelil says:

    Moron what you dont understand and what they dont understand is we hate it becouse it has absolutly nothing to do with gijoe these 2 morons dont know shit about gijoe they just want to make money so maybe you should shut up.

  2. OmiBass says:

    This compared to Dark Knight…Get the hell out of here…

  3. MySilentConflict says:

    I don’t give a shit what ppl say, this movie was abso-freaking-lutely AWESOME i’ve watched it six times already since it premiered and the theater is always full.

  4. wreckdirect says:

    you cant compare the two batman is a solo hero this is a group of heros both films have a different tone

  5. smarion414 says:

    My mom was the first octo mom lol. BTW GI joe was a good movie.

  6. 09tdubbs says:

    hey im on da web n i loooooove dis movie lol n luv u guys but of course i neva watched gi joe wen it first came out but i ran to c da movie lol cuz channing wuz in it hehehehehehe

  7. beerman4ever1111 says:

    thanks for destroying a great movie Channing Tatum you suck and now you made a great movie look like a John Cena crap ass movie you suck!!!

  8. beerman4ever1111 says:

    i have seen the movie and everyone else was good not great but Channing Tatum
    ruind it he is not up too play Duke too compare this too the Dark Knight or Spiderman is an insult too all of us!!!!

  9. xXMercifulFallXx says:

    Sorry Marlon Wayans. People that judge it before you they see it will most likely like the movie, but hate it so they will not be wrong.

    I thought the movie was going to be OK, but I watched it and now I want to go see it again, and again, and again.

  10. xXMercifulFallXx says:

    I would say that GI Joe was a movie I could watch over and over and over again.

  11. BloodyHellPictures says:

    Marlon Wayans, Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow and Cobra commander’s performance (not appearance) were the best parts of the movie, everything else was kinda crap.
    I didn’t know people were so sensitive about GI Joe. I mean, chill lol

  12. Carisma1005 says:

    Yeah They Compared it to dark knight
    the only 2 good parts about dark knight WAS Heath Ledger and Morgan Freeman
    but G.I. Joe Went Hard

  13. LilMissez723 says:

    Channing looks older than Marlon but it’s really the other way around…….

  14. vihpee156 says:

    lol those two paired up in an interview cracks me up haha

  15. csunryder says:

    The movie should not have focused so much on Duke. And Ripcord was such a minor character, why did they use him? And where the hell is Stalker?? BTW, Ripcord hooking up with Scarlett was FUCKING STUPID. Her and Snake-Eyes have always been a couple. Can’t believe they did that crap!

  16. 44excalibur says:

    You are absolutely right! The movie screwed everything up, and fans should complain as loudly as they can to Paramount and the filmakers. Snake Eyes and Scarlett are soulmates in the comics, and Sommers should’ve respected that!

  17. r2k8877 says:

    I don’t think he was comparing the movie themselves, just comparing the vibe this big summer film has compared to the other big summer films. Basically, don’t judge prematurely because it fits a certain genre.

  18. sofine329 says:

    cool im black, cherokee and irish too. wow

  19. Tiffany Armstrong says:

    I love this movie!!! I agree w/ xXMercifulFallXx about wanting to watch it over and over!

  20. Tiffany Armstrong says:

    It can’t be the same as the comics, dipshit!!!

  21. PrettyPinkPenny says:

    I’m black, Sue Indian, and irish! XD

  22. MyersMarquette says:

    what did marlon say on 4:40, and what does it mean??

  23. waterlily423 says:

    “u better b funny or u ain’t gonna eat!” lol marlon is ridiculous

  24. strawberry2233 says:

    hahah i love Marlon he’s hilarious. and Channing’s giggle is adorable!

  25. DavidTennantisocute says:

    He said “you don’t keep a good fish in the water!” lol

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