Channing Tatum Pepsi

Channing Tatum Pepsi Commmercial (c)

Channing Tatum Poster #01 Shirtless Muscles 24×36

Measures 2 feet x 3 feet approximately. Great item in excellent condition.

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25 Responses to Channing Tatum Pepsi

  1. joey218cc says:

    WOMEN GET OVER UR SELF GET A BF OR SOMETHIGN omg he is soo sexi woopie get a bf Lol damnnnnnn plenty of guys out there yah he is a good looking guy theres others to just saying plus the movie fighting was pretty good lol

  2. yifeilover says:


  3. happycamperyay says:

    I actually remember when this was the most overplayed ad when i was younger.

  4. Pube83 says:

    What an annoying fucking commercial

  5. tracklete3 says:

    hmmmm, someone’s jealous…

  6. joey218cc says:

    yah we all get jelous n life woudl i say im jelous of him not really i was just saying u know girls need to get a seriously life and stop dreaming all i was saying and yah sorry we all cant b cute lol

  7. amy naruto says:

    Damnnnnn, a Mountain Dew commercial and Pepsi????
    I’m not complaining, just sayin’. Hahhaa.
    God, I fucking love him.

  8. prsoldier05 says:

    hey i dont see u in movies

  9. SIoyvenheaven1 says:

    all i can say is gay

  10. MegaRoose says:


  11. Annaleeh Alipin says:

    that was SEXY 🙂

  12. tonkabonbonification says:

    head of disco

  13. tonkabonbonification says:

    @siggy55055 what areyou talking looks great without makeup and i sav

  14. alex nie says:

    hamma werbung

  15. Lesley Goff says:


  16. elatab11 says:

    yea i will ask for more…of him!!! lol sexy ass and soo beautiful!!

  17. Queen Semaj says:

    He looks So good drinking that pepsi! LOL

  18. blaizebleu4u says:

    Daaaaamn I wanna be the Pepsi bottle. He like made love to it lol

  19. MJfan4ever88 says:

    Ha! I remember this!!! He looked hot…still does…:)

  20. ZoeTheSavageOne says:

    I think after this i HAVE to drink pepsi

  21. tetraclit says:

    pepsi - official sponsor of fugly idiots and retards

  22. harliette says:

    born pepsi girl moi @—)—-

  23. harliette says:

    I try to say its just a borrowed shell except utterly masterpiece of God.

  24. Autumn McBryde says:

    soooooo cute!

  25. sgoods06 says:

    he is even more delicious than that pepsi will ever taste….SO damn sexy I can’t hardly take it!

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