Colorado Springs on fire – June 29th, 2012

If you are looking to donate funds to help Waldo Canyon fire victims go to for more information. The local Red Cross can be reached at 719-632-3563. Those wanting to donate money can go to Pikes Peak United Way asks that people do not call 211 or their direct line for non-emergencies. They are getting bombarded with calls and need to keep the lines open for emergencies only. Volunteers experienced with working with large animals can call Penrose Equestrian Center to volunteer at 719-520-7773. Non-perishable food and water donations can be taken to Care and Share, located on 2605 Preamble Point, from 7 am-6 pm Monday-Friday. Walgreens had teamed up with Care and Share; all locations are now accepting donations during business hours. Donations can also be taken to any Goodwill location in Colorado Springs. A Facebook Community page has been started for people to post & respond to requests for assistance. Check it out here

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One Response to Colorado Springs on fire – June 29th, 2012

  1. phenixwryter says:

    Glad to see the smoke is clearing. Speaking of getting out of the woods, I saw a sweet pic on the weather channel of some deer around there who’d left the woods and were relaxing in the back yard of an evacuated house. Guess y’all will have some new neighbors for a while.

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