Consciousness Awakening

I am following the call of my heart to create uplifting and transformative videos for humanity. I recently committed 100% to this as my life-path and am trusting that support & abundance will flow towards this path as a result of the leap of faith that I am demonstrating to Father/Mother/God/Universe in honouring the call of my soul. My vision is to create videos that lift the hearts, mind, spirit and soul of billions, to assist in grounding the New Earth and to provide a channel for my own creativity to flow and be enjoyed by all. I am currently focussed on honing my video editing skills, acquiring technology and resources to develop my videos even further and are collaborating with other artists to enable this vision to manifest. If you feel inspired to assist in my process, and would like to help make my vision a reality, I invite you to make a contribution that feels good for you. All amounts are received with much gratitude and aloha, and much Mahalo’s to all who have already donated!!!! Thank you. 😀 Blessings, Appreciation & love from my heart to yours…..namaste ❤ The time is upon us where it is imperative that we begin to release the control of our mind and surrender into the wisdom of the heart. The more we are able to listen to and follow the inner promptings that arise from deep in our consciousness, the more we will awaken to the divinity that exists there. As we awaken ourselves, we are also assisting in awakening the collective

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23 Responses to Consciousness Awakening

  1. Trippnhippie says:

    Could someone explain the concept of consciousness awakening? i feel as if this is happening to me and id love to believe it is. Ive done a little research and i seem to be linked to all the signs but could someone explain what this is all about please? i feel as if he universe is trying to tell me something. iff this is something to do with kabbala i will be freaked out because it seems to be following me wherever i go.

  2. TheQuietObserver1983 says:

    I’m not an expert, but I think that Consciousness Awakening has to do with “HUMANS being aware of the fact that they’re not just physical beings, but also spiritual beings. I think the very fact that you’re probably addicted to these videos just like I’m proves that there’s a spark being ignited deep inside your soul. I just realized that I’m an INDIGO/EMPATH also. I always thought that something was wrong with me since I’m different from the majority.
    May PEACE/LOVE empowers you

  3. Trippnhippie says:

    firstly i must say inspiring comment and also different my friend is good and i can relate so much to that sentence. I’m not sure what i’m looking for but i think i am meant to keep looking “) thank you

  4. illusionofseparation says:

    You Are Loved

  5. PowerinNumbers2012 says:

    Beautiful, Thank you :o) x

  6. sakielohim says:

    Awesome, thank you very much. This is very powerful and uplifting. We are on the same frequency, it’s like to are looking thru my mind. I love it.

  7. dancingfishable says:

    this is so beautiful. every school should show this to children.

  8. Tony Samara says:

    ‎”Remember to stay in the heart where the impossible is possible” Tony Samara

  9. TheSabineBliss says:

    <3 U are awesome! 🙂

  10. dancingfishable says:

    i think children have that power- to inspire us to our higher good. they are humanity’s hope for awakening. and it doesn’t hurt that they’re so awake and alive- everything is felt so intensely by children- imagine if adults had hearts even half as open as children. Whoa!!! talk about changing the world!

  11. Nivlek Saul says:

    Instantly appreciate your time and effort my friend and this is but 1 -almost, awakened person. Look to the heavens and look past for what lies beyond is eternity.

  12. Denise Bishop says:

    very true!

  13. Denise Bishop says:

    You know, these past couple weeks have been very interesting to me/// I went on this whole roller coaster of emotions, feeling trapped for a split second; my head filled with worries/fears. Just today, I finally got this urge to just LET THINGS BE… trust in our higher power, and just go with the flow… I came across this video and read through the comments…. THANK YOU EVERYONE, for you are my inspiration (=

  14. Joselo1693 says:

    what am i ?

  15. Serendipitous1971 says:

    Love your videos my friend 🙂 Wahe Guru Wahe Guru , Peace, Love & Light follow you always 🙂

  16. seattlesoundisgrunge says:

    This video is absolutely beautiful.i’ve been very stressed/skeptical about my choice of engineering as my major lately.I do martial arts and meditate(not as often as i would like)& lately i’ve been meditating on what i should do w/ my life.i’ve kinda been getting this urge to follow my passion of martial arts & become an instructor one day.this video & hell even ur description have helped me already and i justed watched it.i will meditate more but i feel as though the answer is more clear now

  17. seattlesoundisgrunge says:

    One note of constructive criticism though is to make the text parts show for just a little longer. other than that, like i said…BEAUTIFUL. also it brought tears to my eyes the first time i watched it. i hit replay 3 times… 🙂

  18. iamawaketube says:

    Lovin’ the video, well done, keep spreading the message!

  19. David Rubenfeld says:

    Absolutely amazing video!!! All I have to say is “PERFECT!!!!!!” Congratulations on finding your divine path! I personally have always been interested in science, or proof of the truth, I was a skeptic when it came to belief in God. I personally took a journey contemplating philosophy and understand that life is not subject to cause and effect or merely logic but instead the beauty of infinity! I have noticed that my brain is a powerful computer, idea to program at the divine frequency! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  20. David Rubenfeld says:

    I had not mentioned synchronicity. However, synchronicity is a very important word in my life I have begun to discover. YOUTUBE limits the length of my replies. I thought we could exchange emails and have a conversation. We may have a lot to learn from each other. After all, isn’t evolution and growth of our souls the the ultimate God paradigm?

  21. mascarita295 says:

    hey i think i got it… PLEASE check this out i think you’ll find it interesting

  22. nAmE7056 says:

    Kill yourself please

  23. asktheanswer424 says:

    Hashem, with some luck we’ll be non obtrusive, not advertised, present moment, not stressed, not penetrating, but not unknown, not unfound by those in need, not leaving karmic trace

    we’re dealing with the ninjas of love here

    in the end theres going to be an orgy with a feng shui all beings can enjoy

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