David Letterman – Jessica Biel’s Spa Nightmare

Jessica has an awkward encounter with two naked Austrian men in a spa.

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25 Responses to David Letterman – Jessica Biel’s Spa Nightmare

  1. SpAzzt1qeil says:

    …and put them on wood 😉

  2. MG Projekt says:

    I love this program, I recommend to all

  3. lljames123 says:

    So she is incredibly shocked by two naked guys in a Sauna but not bothered at all by homeless people being humiliated at her wedding? What an awful representative for the USA…. disrespectful of other cultures and heartless about the weak members of her own culture. She and Timberlake are sickening human beings. Just so impressed with themselves…. Why isn’t Lettermanpressing her on what she has done for the homeless in LA this holiday season….if anything that is not a tax deduction?!

  4. Peltoperkule says:

    Nobody wears anything in the sauna. When I go to the sauna I proudly do the helicopter and yell “Hide yo mommas!” so that everyone sees what an alpha male I am.

  5. Ding Dong says:

    She should get schocked by the dark doings of the US-Army and not because of nudity where nudity is allowed. Here in europe we think killing innocent people is worse than being nacked at the sauna.

  6. xxxaragon says:

    who the hell wears a bikini in a sauna?

  7. herman schweinsteiger says:

    die ist so hübsch

  8. daisy chiu says:

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  9. Abarth26 says:

    she was in Switzerland^^

  10. Bluefire5 says:

    americans are so uptight lol

  11. RPGchallenger says:

    so one person was freaked out by this and the whole country is uptight?

  12. AimaTL says:

    Thanks for the warning.

  13. Jonny Carinthia says:

    As far as I know it is forbidden in every public sauna to wear anything like a bikini due to hygenical reasons. Also it is normal that both sexes share the same sauna – even in great spa’s. If she will ever have children??? 🙂

  14. meratify says:

    Welcome to europe. Naked ftw. That’s how we roll biatch!

  15. rayway82 says:

    She wore a bikini to the sauna? That’s not weird.

  16. ihtus69 says:

    the same here in estonia. such an ignorant … oh, I don’t know how to call her.

  17. rcardinio says:

    goodness… this is completely ridiculous story- .. she needs to stay home and work on her acting skills and for that matter her storytelling..

  18. Erich vonManstein says:

    she got probably fucked by those two, and she liked it haha

  19. ghostdog2608 says:

    haha hell yeah thats how we do it in austria 🙂 balls on wood hilarious

  20. traktorensteff says:

    Well, it’s a big show and they brought out that story like that. So it seems like the viewers want to hear such stuff. You can draw inferences from that.

  21. Polyp2009 says:

    welcome in europe 😉

  22. slyandarnie says:

    of course there are, or at least different sauna-times for men and women who don’t like mixed saunas.. 🙂

  23. Mcquiz91 says:

    Nope, that’s not forbidden anywhere I’ve ever been.

  24. mufty1qwer33 says:

    well i am just fine bro….i think that what you said is what the host should tell her in that show: “Chill out sister,it`s just foreign culture- the way they dress and behave in sauna, that`s all…”

  25. piano0b says:

    those americans

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