Displaced Colo. Residents Wait As Fire Rages

Homes and businesses are bracing for the worst as the Waldo Canyon blaze rages on, forcing tens of thousands of Colorado Springs residents to take refuge with family or friends and cram into hotels and shelters. (June 28) Subscribe to the Associated Press: bit.ly Download AP Mobile: www.ap.org Associated Press on Facebook: apne.ws Associated Press on Twitter: apne.ws Associated Press on Google+: bit.ly

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3 Responses to Displaced Colo. Residents Wait As Fire Rages

  1. JesusIsLordForever says:

    Been praying for them in Colorado.

  2. Viracocha711 says:

    More evidence of Anthropogenic Climate Change!!!!

  3. rehatiels says:

    I’m sorry, but no personal property is worth my life.. besides that’s what insurance is for. 🙂

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