Dodging Age: Inspirational Stories

The second innings of life starts after retirement. Look at some inspirational stories who have believed in living life to the fullest.

My Father’s Business: 30 Inspirational Stories for Discerning and Doing Gods Will

Devotional Stories Featuring: Jeremy Lin, Bruce Wilkerson, George S. Patton, Walt Disney, Jim Valvano, Mother Teresa, Abraham Lincoln, Colonel Sanders, and others with selected quotes from Oswald Chambers.

What does it mean to discern God’s will for your life? How can you hear His call? The word discernment comes from two Latin words: discernere (to perceive) and discretis (to separate). To discern God’s voice and will is to converse with Him. In both Hebrew and Greek, the word will means “to yearn.” When we say, “Lord, Your will be done,” we are asking God to infuse His deepest yearnings into our spirit and alter the circumstances of our life in order that we may grow. God sees beyond our past and knows our secret desires, even those desires yet to be born. In My Father’s Business, you will see how others responded to the yearning God placed within their heart and enjoyed their Father’s blessing.  

As you seek to discern and do God’s will, ask the following questions:

  • Will this course of action use my gifts, talents, and passions?
  • How has my previous experience prepared me for this task?
  • Will this new opportunity cause me to be more loving?
  • Is this an expansion of my influence for God?
  • Will I feel more fulfilled and have a greater sense of inner peace?
  • Who will benefit from my actions?
  • What will it cost me and my family?
  • Is this a time-sensitive opportunity?

    We often complicate the business of knowing God’s will, but His word is clear: “And You will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart” (Jeremiah 29:13 NKJV). Those who seek and ask, hear His voice. The following devotional stories illustrate how others have heard God’s call and heeded His voice. My prayer is that you, too, will learn to recognize God’s voice so that you will be able both to discern and to do His will.

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    1. bifins says:

      1. Cover your mouth with you hand
      2. Make a wish
      3.Close your hand (fist)
      4. Hold you hand at heart for 5 seconds
      5. Send this to 3 more videos
      6. Tommorrow will be the best day ever
      it actually worked

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