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Expedia believes that every trip is unique. On this trip, cancer survivor Maggie travels to Dallas to share her story at a St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital fundraiser, in hopes that attendees will donate to the cause. What she finds on her journey will stay with her for the rest of her life. For more information on our relationship with St. Jude, visit: www.expedia.com/findyours

The 100 Top Inspirational Anecdotes and Stories

A businessman was highly critical of his competitors’ storefront windows. “Why, they are the dirtiest windows in town,” he claimed. Fellow business people grew tired of the man’s continual criticism and nitpicking comments about the windows. One day over coffee, the businessman carried the subject just too far. Before leaving, a fellow store owner suggested the man get his own windows washed. He followed the advice, and the next day at coffee, he exclaimed, “I can’t believe it. As soon as I washed my windows, my competitor must have cleaned his too. You should see them shine.”

Confucius once declared, “Don’t complain about the snow on your neighbor’s roof when your own doorstep is unclean.”
Wise men and philosophers throughout the ages have disagreed on many things, but many are in unanimous agreement on one point: “We become what we think about.” Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “A man is what he thinks about all day long.” The Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius put it this way: “A man’s life is what his thoughts make of it.” In the Bible we find: “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”

One Sunday afternoon, a cranky grandfather was visiting his family. As he lay down to take a nap, his grandson decided to have a little fun by putting Limburger cheese on Grandfather’s mustache. Soon, grandpa awoke with a snort and charged out of the bedroom saying, “This room stinks.” Through the house he went, finding every room smelling the same. Desperately he made his way outside only to find that “the whole world stinks!”

So it is when we fill our minds with negativism. Everything we experience and everybody we encounter will carry the scent we hold in our mind.
For this book we scanned hundreds of anecdotes, success stories and bits of wisdom to bring you this collection of the top 100 inspiring anecdotes and stories. We find these witty, inspiring, amusing, eye-opening and spirit-soothing. We hope you’ll enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed putting them together.

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24 Responses to Expedia Find Your Strength

  1. Angel TG says:

    First ad on u tube i havent skipped

  2. markmh835 says:

    Agreed. I was about to hit the “Skip” button but hesitated just a few seconds longer, and ended up watching the entire 3 minute clip. Wow…. this is one of the best public service announcements ever made. Everyone who had a hand in making this — congrats.

  3. MustardSeedish says:

    You responded to superfagspecialist and I was responding to your response. The name says it all.

  4. pchanrocks says:

    same thing happened to me. but this is the second ad for me. the first was dollarshaveclub. This one has more feels.

  5. MyDogBrownie1 says:


  6. kdgurl94 says:

    Crying in my university library. This is so touching, and Maggie has grown into such a beautiful strong woman. I obviously don’t know Odie, but I am sure he would be proud.

  7. CantStopDaJelly11 says:

    what song is this?

  8. lovepink7790 says:

    that was the fist ad I didn’t skip . everyone support St. Jude! Donating money to them is what keeps them saving precious lives

  9. nollyA wood says:

    yessss…that was where i started crying..my heart just broke down

  10. SteviXDuh says:

    i didnt skip this commercial and it was well worth it Maggie your so strong!!

  11. Moonfang HowlPack says:

    second add that made me actually come look for the video because i accidentally skipped it. First add that’s made me cry every time i watch it.

  12. ChaoticDelerium says:

    All I wanted to do was listen to an episode of State of Trance.
    Here instead.

  13. LadyHearto says:

    I was going to watch a YouTube video. I usually skip every advertisement that I can just to see the video I want to see. But I didn’t this time, this video grabbed my attention so I decided to look at it. Can’t believe such a short video can make me feel so sad and can make my eyes so watery. Maggie, wish I had met someone like Odie as well. (: Stay strong

  14. IndigoUmbrella says:

    Every time this ad comes on, I watch the whole thing and cry. “I want you to know that having cancer and dying from it was worth it.” That’s the moment that gets me every time.

  15. Megan Hamilton says:

    I watched it through the add and cried, I wanted to share it on Facebook so I went and looked for the video. It’s very sad when he says “maggie I want you too know that having cancer and dieing from it was worth it because I got to meet you” Thats sad…

  16. Munir Khan says:


  17. Isadora Coates says:

    This made me cry, first ad on YouTube I didn’t wanna skip, too. Very sweet… I loved it.

  18. iloveToonLink101 says:


  19. Holly Koperski says:

    This is the saddest thing I’ve ever seen.

  20. acidskittlez123 says:

    onions…onions everywhere

  21. jason humphrey says:

    i kinda lost it when he said he was going to miss her too, and he said it like it wasnt his life that he was giving up. thats very brave.. i am glad they had such a strong bond, but i would like it better if they could have both given that speech. although it was probably easier for him to manage the thought of death at a younger age, he didnt really get the few extra years to think about what happens after, so im sure it was more peaceful for him. still very sad to see a bond like that broken.

  22. jason humphrey says:

    i hope that when you grow up, you cant forgive yourself for how you act now… and thats only if you do succeed in growing up. there are far better things in life than writing things just to get a rise out of people, this video was a lesson to everyone. but its up to you to learn from it.. regardless this message will be labeled as gay in your opinion. but i hope one day you will have some peace at mind, and understand the meaning of compassion. You will lose loved ones, so remember your comment

  23. GooseyPooPoo says:


  24. Coolnar13 says:

    Wow :'(

    I thank God for everything I have

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