Flirt Fight: Jessica Biel vs. Conan O’Brien – CONAN on TBS

The last time Mrs. Timberlake was on CONAN, was she the flirter or the flirted? More CONAN @

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25 Responses to Flirt Fight: Jessica Biel vs. Conan O’Brien – CONAN on TBS

  1. DIPESTER says:

    Conan you crazy man lmao Man she’s Hot.

  2. oneseeingpinecone says:

    why are they always cute when they are taken ;_;

  3. n4p4p4 says:

    “..pretty….pretty girl….kiss prettyyyy…” LOL

  4. jelyan says:

    she’s ugly now because she got way too skinny.

  5. MsPROOFthatGODexists says:

    She’s a stunning woman, but she should never attempt comedy…

  6. Marissa Allen says:

    @jelyan she looks the same. Fit.

  7. IkigaiJin says:

    Jessica Biel was ALWAYS attractive!

  8. Tinker Bell says:

    She was good in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

  9. MysticGohan091 says:

    Lucky Bastard…

  10. Glenn Wagner says:

    She did.

  11. hangman9001 says:

    So skinny, looks terrible now..

  12. Awesoman says:

    She’ll be divorced before you know it. When celebrities marry, they read the vow, “‘Til opportunity do us part!”.

  13. David Byrd says:

    Justin Timberlake, you lucky S.O.B. you.

  14. bsvenss2 says:

    Haha… *LOL*

  15. oneseeingpinecone says:

    meh. not so much.
    she is now at least. damn!

  16. mgcasella says:


  17. SoljahP says:

    Thank you for letting me shoot that scene 35 times. LOL!!!

  18. theonlyred4 says:

    I wonder how many people get what you’re talking about without googling it first.

  19. whooohooo25 says:

    yea dude she used to be toned AF… now shes just another skinny chick…

  20. mgcasella says:

    I don’t know but – if anything – maybe it will lead them to seeing that classic film. I absolutely loved watching it 🙂

  21. derkach77 says:

    she did great in total recall…just stating a fact. I dont think shes an amazing actor though.

  22. Mike Hawk says:

    she’s got a great butt.

  23. JPSartre68 says:

    not really! the bandit was a creep

  24. blown46pwr says:

    LOL, I love watching Conan

  25. mgcasella says:


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