Forge – Pyromancer PvP Gameplay Montage by Cartoonz

Giving away a free copy of Forge on this video! Be sure to leave a like and a comment to be entered to win! 🙂 ► Live Stream: ► Follow Cartoonz: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: ► Want to support Cartoonz? LIKE & FAVORITE this video! It keeps me going! Thank you! Music by: Monstercatmedia – Eminence – Falling Stars Hellberg – Follow My Heart Ephixa – Ideekay

Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy (Gallagher Girls)

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24 Responses to Forge – Pyromancer PvP Gameplay Montage by Cartoonz

  1. Kruuzi says:

    so sick, definitely buying this

  2. Ryimozz says:

    Entering to win! Liked and favourated.

  3. Wrath In HD says:

    This game looks so much FUN! Definitely gonna buy it if I don’t end up getting a free copy 😉

  4. Kruntz Warlock says:

    looks quite good

  5. MrJonasspil says:

    I’m gonna win

  6. ThomasMcGhie says:

    I am so buying this. The transition from Fire Mage to Pyromancer shall be splendid.

  7. Aretemisgaming says:

    I would so buy this game if i had the money lol Bad times for me Well if i was gonna play it i would Pyro it all the way 😀
    Keep up good Work Cartoonz

  8. XxW0nderBr3adxX says:

    Lol shamen ftw

  9. Kyptz Xavenn says:

    Beast Man

  10. sleepswitvibroblades says:

    Nice game-play, I feel you are spamming engulf too much though. Its just burning your mana. One thing i started doing also is using firestorm when there are 2 or more people around, i found it does more damage than engulf to multiple people.

  11. Fabiplax says:

    Awesome Video ! :O

  12. John James says:

    Looks epic

  13. hejole111 says:

    nice man

  14. jRoXXas4869s says:

    it is only 10€ today go ahead and buy it fast i did it 2

  15. TheHeroicCommunity1 says:

    This game looks amazing!

  16. Jaack023 says:

    I really need to get this game it looks so wicked!

  17. Unholywood says:

    This game looks great going to have to get it soon!

  18. MrAmanze says:

    Best game 2012. Beats GW2!

  19. Sam Stevens-Lee says:

    Its really not that great of a game, its bugged, no server browser. no steam intergration. pathfinders are the easy win. just mash click and massive dammage.

  20. DobbyDaShaman says:

    its a great game just needs to get finished!

  21. XxAzuruexX says:

    Looks like a chill game :)

  22. Bruno Garcia Mesones says:

    really cool gameplay and graphics! 🙂

  23. Reverzi says:

    Entering the contest of a give-away because this game is awesome. I hope I get the key I’ve never won anything like that before 😀

  24. conzola98 says:

    I would love this game!

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