Harry Styles Singing Karaoke With Taylor Swift At A Nightclub

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24 Responses to Harry Styles Singing Karaoke With Taylor Swift At A Nightclub

  1. orianavicmedina says:


  2. pumkinpielover9 says:

    You barely see Taylor in this video. It’s mostly 1D an Ed Sheeran.

  3. iCamShow says:

    😉 part of it is because you dont know the song

  4. o0ItsAlexis0o says:

    louis like basically pushed her off the stage

  5. Kirsten Boadi says:

    harry is so pissed

  6. yioryaras says:

    It is not the first time alcohole removes control, Harry Styles becomes a victim of drink- pitch-fatigue and unfortunately this is on the record and published around the world presenting him as a very bad singer. Not a good idea Harry

  7. sabrina2178 says:

    Lmao.i cant breathe!

  8. meabhOneD Fan says:

    I don’t see how people are saying that this makes harry a bad singer? It’s so obvious he’s pissed and messin about lol

  9. plarson974 says:

    What the hell was that all about

  10. Lizzie d says:

    Every moment of this was beautiful.

  11. meaghanmalik98 says:

    bearing in mind that they’re probs drunk and that harrys date went off with niall, this went pretty well^.^

  12. meaghanmalik98 says:

    hahahab they’re all drunk, that makes it 10 times funnier

  13. thegurlteam says:

    niall and louis in the background….hahahah!

  14. Marijana Mladenovic says:


    well they are still better than me.

  15. Florette Apple says:

    Le massacre
    C’est horrible mais je suis directioner alors je compati

  16. McTommoGotSwaggah says:

    Right, so TAYLOR had to come and ruin it….way to go blondie -.- BTW don’t brake mah babys heart

  17. RominaCano1 says:

    0:06 hahahha Louis just ignored Taylor

  18. Jade O'Leary says:

    taylor needs to go

  19. heyperson123456789 says:

    Ummmm, I bet Niall and Luis are drunk

  20. carl charlton says:

    she will she always does

  21. ObsessedFreak8 says:

    I’m positive they’re wasted.

  22. erinmckenzie100 says:

    harry drunk is the most hilarious thing i have ever witnessed. thank god for alcohol.

  23. Asa Salim says:

    no comment.

  24. Megan Bush says:

    Lol OMG they are all completely drunk and taylor went off with naill lol

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