Hot News Anchors-Charlize Theron – gorgeous & Ann Curry leggy – Today Show-Short Skirts Rule

The gorgeous Charlize Theron I love pantyhose, short skirts, stockings, and long freaking legs..what can i say?

Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? – Carmen’s Revenge [VHS]

The good news is that the raven-haired thief (voiced by Rita Moreno) is back, as are intrepid ACME operatives Zach and Ivy. The bad news is that the evil Dr. Maelstrom, whom Carmen helped put away back when she was a member of the ACME detective agency, has escaped from prison. There is no way the teenaged siblings will be able to capture the bad doctor on their own, not even with the help of the ultra-brainy computerized Chief. But Carmen can’t catch him on her own either. Will the two camps learn to work together in order to prevent the theft of such historical artifacts as the wreck of the Titanic? This hour-long program answers that question in an entertaining, graphic style while throwing in painless lessons about geography, archeology, and other topics. Carmen’s Revenge is packed full of action, adventure, and knowledge for children aged 6 and older. –Kathleen C. Fennessy

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