I Can Only Imagine (with lyrics) – MercyMe

Support the band: bit.ly – I Can Only Imagine is MercyMe’s song. One of the most uplifting songs I’ve ever heard. Again, my movie editor is mean – everything came out really bright, even after I darkened it. So… hope you like. ­čÖé {added: 11/12/09: Anyone who curses or is overly negative towards someone else in a comment will be blocked.}

If I Follow My Heart

13 TRACKS: 1) Perhaps 2) Rain From The Skies 3) Johnny Too Bad 4) If Follow My Heart 5) There Must Be A Fight 6) Rivers Of Babylon 7) It’s Impossible 8) Make It With You 9) Impossible 10) Love Grows 11) Little Green Apples 12) Grooving Out On Life 13) Hooligan

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25 Responses to I Can Only Imagine (with lyrics) – MercyMe

  1. MsJapanino says:

    Thank you for posting this, it’s beautiful and´╗┐ very comforting to me right now.

  2. Isabelly74 says:

    To my knees will´╗┐ I fall….

  3. vampireangelforever says:

    oh wow….´╗┐ praise God!!!!

  4. kayleealissa1999 says:

    when i listen to this song it makes me think of december 1 2006´╗┐ on my 6th birthday and the day of not just my best friends funeral but my pepaw we miss you and love you pepaw will see you someday

  5. TheBelencho says:

    great song´╗┐

  6. George Castro says:

    It a´╗┐ good song, and I like it.

  7. EndlessNytemare says:

    I´╗┐ love Jesus ­čśÇ

  8. catalinaramirez360 says:

    I love this Song´╗┐ and god and Jes├║s

  9. jackiechan4AAR says:

    Reminds me of Tim Hawkins…I can only eat margarine.´╗┐

  10. mylord jesus says:

    omg´╗┐ i love this song

  11. bigjhonnydfsf says:

    love´╗┐ this

  12. ferreribabe94 says:

    This song has made me cry many times´╗┐ before, but now it makes me cry every time I hear it, because my best friend that I had know since elementary passed away this year just before Christmas because of a rare form of bone cancer…she was 18 years old and was unlike any other person I had met… what really set me off about crying while hearing this song is when her older brother performed it soo beautifully with his guitar and his youngest sister playing it at her funeral on Christmas eve…..

  13. ferreribabe94 says:

    sounding Even better than the already beautiful sounding MercyMe version of it, I cried like a baby near the middle of the song…also because also the words of this song fitted my best friend soo well. She was also a true believer in the lord jesus and had great Faith in him…My most favorite of her quotes are ” Lifes not about the amount of breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away” :”””((( RIP My best friend´╗┐

  14. joseph Colon says:

    this´╗┐ song makes me cry cause this is my grandmas fav song and she is dead </3

  15. ferreribabe94 says:

    *with his guitar and his youngest sister playing the Piano at her´╗┐ funeral on Christmas eve…..

  16. Zeldafan901 says:

    This was my grandma’s favorite song before she died in 2005´╗┐

  17. Kasandra Sweetie says:

    I have an awesome idea for my channel, I just need´╗┐ someone to check it out on my video. It’s called a cool idea for youtubers. I would love it if you at least check it out. Thanks!!!

  18. cornonado90 says:

    it┬┤s so hard when you are sitting here on 31.12. and your only wish is to get the girl which you will love forever, but you┬┤ll never get her…´╗┐ some people will say´╗┐ that maybe the next year will become better… i thought and hoped so too.. since years… i stoped to count and my heart broke more and more… i┬┤ve decided that this will be my last try because i cant endure the heartache anymore… hope you all do it better and wish you a livable new year…

  19. MoMoStrikes says:

    This´╗┐ makes me cry….

  20. Dallas Fan says:

    another one´╗┐ of my favorate songs

  21. Ken Erickson says:

    Wonderful´╗┐ inspiring song!!

  22. Sharon Lewis says:

    My baby brother is living his only imagine as of new year’s eve. Our Father called him home and now his *imagines* have answers. I miss you so much already but you no longer suffer so I’m also very´╗┐ happy for you. Hug Daddy, Mother & Sis for me and give them my love & I’ll be along shortly as soon as our Good Lord calls my name. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  23. juliadennehy says:

    Thank you Christmas Sessions for introducing me to Mercy Me. =) I´╗┐ love you guys!

  24. juliadennehy says:

    Oh,´╗┐ my. Peace be with you Sharon.

  25. destiney miller says:

    Oh how this songs´╗┐ affects me

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