IAMX – Spit it out

New IAMX Video directed by Hans Hmmers Jr. filmed on location in Berlin.

Grace of My Heart

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24 Responses to IAMX – Spit it out

  1. lostalex77 says:

    yay for gay!

  2. Crystal Lewis says:

    dude ikr XD i mean they looked fabulous but the music was so distracting so i just had to look it up and now i can’t stop listening haha~

  3. kuj4z says:

    He kinda reminds of Patrick Wolf

  4. ChioSuper94 says:

    exo k?? as in kpop exo k?lol sorry just making sure.
    if yes, then that’s really awesome!^^

  5. lele Persephone says:

    Actually it was EXO M not EXO K in that epic photo shoot lol but its okay because u know WE ARE ONE! lol but seriously CeCi magazine staff have good taste in music.. EXO M + IAMX = most beautiful behind the scenes video ever ^^

  6. vintagevivianxoxo says:

    I gotta give credit for ceci magazine for using iamx song during exo m photoshoot, now I’m iamx fan

  7. FontanaGabriela1 says:

    I come here everyday to watch this.

  8. ClicheLady says:

    Why isn’t this wonderful song available on iTunes or the like? Ahhhh… His voice is amazing.

  9. ayu1990 says:

    wow never heard this music before. nice!

  10. bill bixby says:

    can’t stop listening to this single 

  11. BlackHe4rtQueen says:

    yeah, not even herself.

  12. David Sirota says:

    No lmfao…

  13. David Sirota says:

    Remember when I was a freshman in high school listening to this…. Now Im a junior in college, and still listening to it… Lol

  14. MisanthropistGhosts says:

    IAMX for me

  15. 007thelastlover says:

    this song is amazing !!!

  16. videofanatich says:

    I´ll follow the echo of your voice Chris !!!

  17. Danasapirate says:

    When he’s jumping around it makes me think of Jack Skellington dancing around the graveyard. 🙂

  18. Beren YıldırımVEVO says:

    day and nigt it s not a problem if ım free or busy ı always listen to this song itss ammazzinngggg

  19. Beren YıldırımVEVO says:

    buts this song is all for illumnati

  20. elijahgq71 says:

    This video made a inpact on my life

  21. makaronake says:

    Chris Corner metamorphosed into Lady Gaga.

  22. marley1909 says:

    FUCK ME! I’m all out of enemies!
    FUCK ME! I’m all out of enemies!
    FUCK ME! I’m all out of enemies!
    FUCK ME! I’m all out of enemies!

  23. DJPaulV says:

    She WISHES!

  24. Katka Rabka says:

    ja som závislá na tomto songu 🙂

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