Inspirational Christian Stories Video Inspirational Christian Stories video reveals words of wisdom, so you can improve your life and discover if you are the deliverer of “Falsehoods” or not when it comes to your children.

101 Inspirational Stories of the Power of Prayer

Hearing success stories keeps you motivated and expecting the best, whether you want to grow as a person, raise happy kids, or get your finances in shape. Prayer is no different. To keep your prayer life moving forward, you need to hear that prayer is making things happen! Author: Sister Patricia Proctor Format: 304 pages, paperback Publisher: Called By Joy (2008) ISBN: 9780972844772

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2 Responses to Inspirational Christian Stories Video

  1. reagan10knapp says:

    santa and tooth fairy are not that bad. this video, while good-intentioned, does not adress an evil of the world. santa and the tooth fairy bring joy to children. its not that bad.

  2. MrDimab says:

    santa and tooth fairy are real. The god is not real.
    The god exists only in the theists minds.

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