Is Jenny McCarthy a Danger to the World?

Is Jenny McCarthy a danger? No, she’s a hero! She’s a self-styled expert who doesn’t let those fascist scientists tell her what the actual causes of autism are! Who says the scientists get to define reality?

Healing and Preventing Autism: A Complete Guide

The must-have New York Times bestseller that tells you what to do now for a child with autism, ADD, ADHD, OCD, and other disorders

For any child with challenges, early intervention is essential and parents need a plan that they can implement right away. Jenny McCarthy, one of the country’s leading autism advocates, has teamed up with top autism specialist Jerry Kartzinel, M.D., to offer a prescriptive guide to the healing therapies and treatments that have turned the lives of so many children around. While autism cases have grown a whopping 6000 percent since the 1970s, the medical community is still waking up to the epidemic and parents need tools to begin healing their children and educating their doctors, instead of waiting six months to a year to get an appointment with a specialist. In this book, parents will learn about the following:

•The biomedical diet and supplement protocol

•Where to find alternative therapies and how to implement them

•A list of tests any doctor can perform

•Studies to show your doctor that will help make the case that they need to support your efforts

•Advice for preventing autism during pregnancy and the early years by looking at family history of allergies, depression, and autoimmune disorders as well as Mom’s chemical exposure

Whether your child has autism, ADD, ADHD, OCD, or an autism spectrum disorder, Healing and Preventing Autism is the authoritative reference book with the tools to heal your child.

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25 Responses to Is Jenny McCarthy a Danger to the World?

  1. iamgabrielf says:

    Thanks for the invite. I will join.

  2. Erwin Alber says:

    Unlike you, Dr Blaylock know what he’s talking about. You don’t even know that the 1918 “Spanish Flu” pandemic was caused by vaccinations.

  3. Erwin Alber says:

    This muppet/puppet reminds me so much of brain-washed morons in white coats we know as doctors. Their lips move but their brain is not engaged. There are some notable exceptions of course: doctors who have woken up to the fact that they have been turned into accomplices in this organised criminal enterprise sold to a mostly unsuspecting public as “disease prevention.” What a crock!

  4. sonofdazhbog says:

    I hope still living crippled victims of Polio stick their crutches up Jenny McCarthy’s ass.

    I hope the old ladies who still see in their nightmares their babies suffocating to death by Diphtheria will beat her with their walkers.

    For every child who died of infectious diseases because of Jenny McCarthy’s ignorant rant she will pay burning in hell
    – stupid psychotic bimbo!

  5. sonofdazhbog says:

    Smallpox have been killing 400,000 Europeans each year in 18th century.
    In 1960’s each year 2,000,000 were dying of Smallpox worldwide. Measles have killed 200 million since 19th century. In 1950’s about 20,000 children were dying of Polio each year in the US. Until the 20th century few kids lived to be adults. The average life expectancy was less then 40 years. If not disease prevention you likely would have died as an infant and wouldn’t be polluting internet with your stupidity, so STFU.

  6. Josh Hayden says:

    Excuse me? Did you just say “the 1918 “Spanish Flu” pandemic was caused by vaccinations”?
    It’s the same thing I tell the idiot Creationists. Read a book or two. Get an education. Don’t believe everything you hear, and learn to think beyond your own skull.
    Go back and look at some of your comments on this page!
    Open minded? Nope.
    Rational? Nope.
    An ignorant blow-hard who talks about things they know nothing about? Yep.

  7. Erwin Alber says:

    “Smallpox have been killing 400,000…”

    What’s the source of your figures sonofdazhbog? It sounds like it could be the CDC, a criminal organization which fudges statistics by adding a few zeros to real figures. Even the BMJ has published an article to point out that the CDC’s flu death figures are pure imagination, because the CDC’s own statistics show that the real number of flu deaths is a fraction of the CDC’s claimed number of 36,000 annual flu deaths.

  8. sonofdazhbog says:

    It’s funny that your kind embraces statistics when it’s about the number of children who died of vaccinations or increase in autistic children – but when statistics show something you don’t like it’s suddenly “a conspiracy”! Well guess what – in Western countries causes of death have been meticulously documented for a very long time (in Victorian England every single death since 1837) and at that time there was no evil International Pharmaceutical companies. So please cut the crap.

  9. TheCrooksCorporation says:

    Cool puppets, but my own satirical puppetry is much, MUCH better. Heck, I’m even better than Jim Henson now.

  10. SmallBalls2010 says:

    Nice job with informed rant! Jenny McCarthy is spreading flat out dangerous ideas. Children will get sick and die as a result of parents listening to her.

    Wialco59, I can only hope people like you don’t reproduce or have any contact with children in any type of teaching or information based capacity. Your ignorance and distrust of science leads to a dark place and has no value in a society where people are trying to live a better life.

  11. ijwtfsu says:

    how stupid. Show that there is no connection smart asses.

  12. williamwilson666 says:

    All mothers are cunts. This is all.

  13. fire112germany says:

    This has been shown. Do your research.

  14. fire112germany says:

    What a bullshit.

  15. Erwin Alber says:

    That should have been “All mothers HAVE cunts”, I’m sure. 

  16. Erwin Alber says:

    Vaccines have never prevented anything apart from health, sanity and common sense.

    “Belief in immunization is a form of delusional insanity.”

    Dr Herbert Shelton

  17. naturalmotionraptor says:

    “Belief in immunization is a form of delusional insanity.”

    A delusion is a fixed, false belief that is held even when presented with overwhelming evidence to the contrary.


  18. Erwin Alber says:

    “A delusion is a fixed, false belief that is held even when presented with overwhelming evidence to the contrary.”

    That’s EXACTLY what vaccination is.

  19. Epica124 says:

    I know this is months old but they have no idea wher the Spanish Flu originated from. They are all just theories.

  20. Epica124 says:

    The primary symptoms of a cytokine storm are high fever, swelling and redness, extreme fatigue and nausea. In some cases the immune reaction may be fatal. And that = autism HOW? You may want to look up what the symptoms are before you post bullshit about how vaccines cause autism. You do know what Poison/Venom is right? If I get bit by a Cobra I do not get autism from it. No it put it’s venom into me and it’s killing me.

  21. Epica124 says:

    You really need to understand poison from a brain disorder because they are two very very very different things. Mercury poisoning and cytokine storm are not the same thing as autism. Hell you can get merucry poisoning from eating fish that does not mean you have autism now. No it’s means you have say it with me MERUCRY POISONING!!!!!

  22. fenriz218 says:

    America = Hollywoodland

    Only in Amerika … where else would pseudo-babble Science like Star Trek originate? Where are religions based on pseudo-sciences using made-up words (scientology)? Where else is Klingon considered a language?

    Where else would ppl believe in conspiracy BS and refuse to take medicine that could prevent a disease?


  23. Anastascia Florine says:

    Not me. I don’t swallow McCarthy’s attention-seeking statements… not that there’s anything wrong with attention seeking… but what she is doing is just wrong.

  24. sweetalker79 says:

    A lot of antivax idiots are British. Andrew Wakefield, who started the MMR scare, was a Brit. And America hardly has the monopoly on starting stupid religions.

  25. MisterTutor2010 says:

    There are more nerves in your gut than in your head. You can you look it up 🙂

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