Jake Miller – A Million Lives (Official Music Video)

This is Jake Miller’s new music video! It’s one of the realest song I have heard in a long time. Jake Miller tells an inspirational stories of lives that have been directly helped through his music.This song is so inspiring and the music video is great! Enjoy. ✖ Support Jake Miller – www.youtube.com www.facebook.com www.twitter.com www.jakemillermusic.com http Management: Frank@23-management.com / 917-523-5150 Booking: IGoldenring@paradigmagency.com or 831-375-4889 Produced By The Fliptones and Vocals by Insane Sounds Video Directed & Produced by Martin & Oscar Ubilluz (Mu2 Productions) Download @ itunes.apple.com fb.bandpage.com Official Video – bit.ly If you’d like to submit a picture, email to contact[at]music-4-montage.com If you like us, follow us. music-4-montage.com twitter.com www.facebook.com No copyright infringement intended. If you want a song removed please just send me an e-mail, no drama. LYRICS: the other day I got an email, i almost didnt read it but something caught my eye right before i could delete it it was bold and underlined, “Please Read” was the title followed by “Jake you are my idol” it said and i quote, my name is Nikki and i used to be dancer til the day the doctor diagnosed me with cancer so i said goodbye to all the hair on head and said hello to my hospital bed yeah see i was just a normal girl, it happened so fast there were so many days that i thought would be my last however the fight was tough, and the battle was long but i felt strong

101 Inspirational Stories of the Rosary

101 true, real-life experiences will show you just how powerful the rosary is. “Sr Paricia has put together a knock-your-socks-off collection of true stories that will inspire both new and veteran prayers of the rosary…you’re going to love this book.” (Recommendation from cover by authors Mitch and Kathy Finley.)

From the forward,Bishop William Skylstad writes: “Each story carries with it a witness of faith that helps to make up our common spiritual heritage in the Catholic Church. I suspect that each of us in reading these accounts will come more into contact with our own experience of praying the rosary and appreciate even more its transforming and consoling power.”

Includes beautiful meditations for the rosary (Mysteries of Light, too!); Apostolic letter of Pope John Paul II on the rosary; History of rosary by Fr Richard Gribble; How to pray the Rosary.

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24 Responses to Jake Miller – A Million Lives (Official Music Video)

  1. TheWelshCrafters says:

    Who would dislike this video you sick cunts.

  2. WolfLabel says:

    OMG, this song gave me goosebumps, great song, man!

  3. NICE1708 says:

    omg i love this song 🙂 really nice 🙂 you sings so good ima share this vid 😉

  4. dnewkirk007 says:

    great song!

  5. olclas says:

    Amazing Song!!!

  6. whumbo7whale says:

    who disliked this??!!!! imma kill the 6ppl that did. This is an amazing song!

  7. FaZeTimidsDad says:


  8. Assassin57 says:

    Aw fuck i hit the dislike button…

  9. SY7HE says:

    I usually dont like Jake Millers tracks but this was real

  10. Exieeify says:


  11. AalexxHD says:

    How could you?!?!?! just click the like button and it will cancel your dislike 😉

  12. Cyril Thöni says:

    I like it very much! good job!

    nice voice very THUMB UP!

  13. y0Chaze says:

    Jake is one of the best rappers, atm.

  14. Plexate says:

    Such a good song

  15. ViperDesignHQ says:


  16. GEOSPAN1 says:

    Keep posting songs like this man.| 🙂

  17. TrendingControllers says:

    You must be a true hater to dislike. This is a respectful song.

  18. BecutaHD says:

    o.0 are you stupid?

  19. DJDILLONERE says:

    wow love this song

  20. CaliforniaCuhhh says:

    ;OOOOO <33333.

  21. BloodyDreamz says:

    Great song!

  22. ITzAzT says:

    It has a 3rd party content : s

  23. BeastHackerRs says:

    bob marley – dumb kid

  24. Dennis van Sas says:

    dylan = hi-rez?

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