Jenny McCarthy (1 of 2): Take the Crap Out of Vaccines

Jenny McCarthy: Take the Crap Out of Vaccines and THEN maybe we will shut up!!!

Bad Habits: Confessions of a Recovering Catholic

Dearest Reader,

By now you might be wondering: Jenny McCarthy has more to say?! After six New York Times bestsellers, I’ve talked about pregnancy, autism, and motherhood. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. I hope it’s made you laugh and cry and all those things that bestselling books about such topics are supposed to do.

But this book is about something entirely new–a subject that has pervaded my life since birth and confused the f*ck out of me for about the same time: Catholicism. As I enter into adulthood (play along, thanks), I think I may have finally figured out this faith thing. And what it means to me. But first, I had to reflect on my life. And my memoir, Bad Habits, is the fruit (not the Eve’s apple kind) of that labor.

Bad Habits is my journey from aspiring nun at an all-girls Catholic school in the suburbs of Chicago, to Playmate of the Year, to autism awareness activist, to bestselling author, to host of my very own talk show… and all the Hail Marys in between. After reading this book, you’ll know why you should wear underwear to church, why Jesus was my Justin Bieber, and why I had to give up giving shit up for Lent.

Bad Habits is also my personal examination of faith and how it turns out to surprise us at the most unexpected moments. It is a book of confessions about confession! I’ve tried to be brutally honest though it might read as more like embarrassingly entertaining, and I’m always outlandish so that’s in here too; but truly, this book is sinfully hilarious (My publisher made me say that).

Bless you my children,

Confessions About Jenny McCarthy

“Like spending an afternoon with your best friend”
–Susan Jane Gilman, NPR

“McCarthy brings you in and makes you laugh.”

“McCarthy is undeniably crass but funny”
Publishers Weekly

Time Out New York

“…disarming, funny and so boundless…”
Arizona Republic

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23 Responses to Jenny McCarthy (1 of 2): Take the Crap Out of Vaccines

  1. thechief1992 says:

    You go Jenny, keep that Big mouth going!!!!!!

  2. thefargs says:

    If officials of the CDC and FDC and all the doctors in the world have children diagnosed around age 2 with autism, i bet they’ll give this idea some thought. my child does not have autism but my best friend has 2 children on the autism spectrum – i do believe her kids were born with the autism gene and the vaccines induced the symptoms. we have to support our friends and family with autistic children – we must all speak out and be heard. Thanks Jenny for being a great leader!

  3. irishup2 says:

    No, we will never shut up. The price of our children is worth more than the paybacks pediatricians get from pharmaceutical companies. Disgusting

  4. nmste says:

    It is dental amalgams as well,, the genetic theory is real convenient AINT IT?

  5. nmste says:

    The key word is CUMULATIVE

  6. thinkalittlemore says:

    don’t stop, Jenny! don’t stop!!!!

  7. vaccinationnation says:

    VACCINES ARE DEADLY, UNNECESSARY AND ARE NOT A LAW!!! You can EXEMPT your child! Call your STATE Health Dept.  Read–VACCINES: Are They Really Safe and Effective? Neil Z. Miller…to see how unnecessary they are. Vaccines are all about the money. Go to mercoladotcom and read up.

  8. P Knight says:

    Has Jenny ever been Mother of the Year? If not then she SHOULD BE!

  9. letto2103 says:

    quoting Jenny..
    “They may have silenced our kids, but they will NEVER silence the mothers!!”
    Thanks Jenny!!

  10. BoxofDevils says:


  11. overseer71 says:

    great new DVD on the pros and cons on vaccinations called “Vaccinations? Assessing the Risks and Benefits”. I found it very helpful before deciding to vaccinate my child. He’ll be at the Green our Vaccines march this week and I support his efforts.

  12. SpookeyR says:

    Not when you look at things like polio and meningitis! I agree that vaccines may be about money, perhaps, for the most part bc the companies that make them make money off of hocking them, getting the FDA & the CDC to support the usage of vaccines, so that the companies can make more money. Perhaps we should be looking at the families of the ppl that are responsible for making the vaccines, to see if the parents give the vaccines to their own children! That would be interesting!!!

  13. SpookeyR says:

    Not when you look at things like polio and meningitis! I agree that vaccines may, perhaps, be about money for the most part bc the companies that make the vaccines certainly make a lot of money of off the vaccines & they make even more money when the FDA & the CDC support the usage of vaccines. We should be looking at the ppl that are responsible for creating the vaccines & we should see if the parents give the vaccines to the children in those families! That would be interesting!

  14. illuminata01 says:

    Go Jenny go. Don’t stop big Love to you!!

  15. theresaluvsjsn says:

    y do they not mention being exempt from these vaccinations in this report? as if exemption is not allowed, it’s justbugged out how they make sure they say oh jennys not saying vaccines r the sole cause of her sons autism…over & over again. but didn’t mention once the fact that anyone can opt out for numerous reasons… religion being one of them…  wake up america.

  16. tranurse says:

    you try to protect your child from polio etc, and then you find out you’ve harmed your child. you can’t believe the guilt. and you can’t sue, or punish them. the gov’t is in bed with the medical companies. and our children suffer.

  17. wanshei says:

    im sitting here looking at 3 red thumbs down on your comment. WTF? These people dont realize that what you’re saying has been documented and proven? The ADA and the FDA are the ones who are making us sick! Mercury, flouride, arsenic, ethylene glycol…in our foods and medicines?

  18. wanshei says:

    03:20 That woman is 100% DEAD ON ACCURATE!!! Is anyone paying any attention to the correlation of the sharp increase in autism that is DIRECTLY tied to the increased regimen of all these poison laden injections?

  19. Zeuszgrl says:

    God bless Jenny for being a voice of TRUTH !
    The CDC is basically the puppet of the pharmaceutical INDUSTRY
    Don’t be a fool and blindly follow what their PAID mouthpieces tell you…
    Do the Research and DON’T follow their ludicrously overloading recommended vaccine schedule…
    Protect yourself,
    Protect your Children and
    Just say “KNOW” !

  20. dukenthaylor says:

    youhidelseek and illuminata01, you are both right on the money, and i just gave you thumbs up…if this comment isn’t *pending* forever or blocked by youtube, it should reduce both your net thumb counts to -1.

  21. elelisrael says:

    finally someone smart in Hollywood

  22. GeGeMus12 says:

    I don’t think vaccines can cause autism. Autism is a GENETIC disorder caused by a mutations in the chromosomes. You can’t get autism by endogenous/exogenous means. But thats not entirely true, since there’s still more research to be done. It can however, aggrevate the condition, thereby increasing the likelihood that if you have the gene, it will have a higher chance of showing up (phenotypic effects).

  23. mommybateman says:

    even if vaccinations arent in any way directly causing autism, as a mother of two, it scares the $hit out of me to know that they are putting things in these vaccines that are known to be harmful to humans. Then they force us to give them to our children under penalty of law. What is wrong with this picture?

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