Jenny McCarthy Will Kill Us ALL! – Penn Point

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25 Responses to Jenny McCarthy Will Kill Us ALL! – Penn Point

  1. NiamhFrancisPianist says:

    I’m pretty sure that if vaccinations caused autism, almost the entire first world population would be autistic. I’m autistic but glad not to be dying of measles, and there is support in place to help me. Some people are not lucky enough to be getting help like I am, and that is what we should be looking at, not messing around for a non-existent quick fix that will put everybody’s health at great risk.

  2. cyanmanta says:

    Measles is making a comeback now in the US. MEASLES! We had this disease all but eradicated from our society not two decades ago, and now, thanks to this idiotic anti-vaccine movement, we got it back! As Norman Borlaug put it, “These are utopian people who live on Cloud Nine.” They’ve lived without disease so long, they begin to think that it doesn’t really exist, so they make stupid decisions that allow it to creep back into society and say damn the consequences. Jesus Herbert Walker Christ…

  3. Ad Shaffer says:

    Jenny McCarthy= self righteous media whore, who couldn’t handle that her career (if that’s what you call it) was in the shitter, so now she can threaten other people’s children’s lives with her bullshit. You should all look vaccination 60 minutes if you want to see some more crazy anti-vaccine nuts.

  4. Cheapshot420420 says:

    damnit penn i had to scroll down so i couldnt see the screen u are making me fucking motion sick

  5. Jackandweed says:

    Hi Penn i’m Marty, i’m 19 and i’m from England but more to the point I have an older brother with autism who got his incapacity benefit taken away from him to help the lazy welfare folks to continue procreating. I also have two cousins who also have autism, meh I guess i’m just venting because some happy california blonde airhead spews bullshit on the people who really struggle. Fuck You Jenny, Fuck You =].

  6. Jackandweed says:

    Oh and i’m a big fan of Teller and yourself =]

  7. rehwr says:

    I have Asperger syndrome and I know that Vaccines don’t cause autism!

  8. Ekergaard says:

    People like her are not intressted in looking for the truth, all they want to do is geting their prejudices confirmed, in this instance their prejudices concerning autistic and autism (that is a terrible tradigi and should not exist) and their prejudices of vaccine (that they cause autism).

  9. JuicyBigProfits says:

    Please More!!

  10. dmelvinable says:

    I have autism, and I NEVER had the MMR shot.

  11. AussiePatriotsParty says:

    Penn your a fucking dog!!

  12. Chamara Loveless says:

    i have an autistic 4 year old, he has a genetic defect that makes it impossible for him to get metals and other toxins out of his body, its in his mthfr genes, i had the testing done on him. you give aluminum to someone that can’t get rid of it they get poisoned, same with mercury. i suggest you do some research, and clean up your mouth. also, it wasn’t an herbal product that we use with our kids. it’s a diet, no one is making money off of this,


  13. Chamara Loveless says:

    i suggest you read the truth about vaccines by doctor Stephanie Cave, unless you’re fat faced rick M.D, but somehow i doubt that. if i were you i’d shut my fat mouth until i knew what i was talking about.

  14. rickadlib says:

    To add to the logical resolve: and if you’re going to insist on preventing your kids from being vaccinated, you have to keep the away from other kids. Deal? There’s a threshold of unvaccinated members of a population, larger than which the disease can re-emerge, even if the majority is vaccinated. It’s all or nothing. OR you can quarantine your kids. Have fun with that.

  15. david52875 says:

    Why the fuck is she still calling him “Dr” Wakefield? He’s not a doctor anymore you fucking twat!

  16. ahafansince1985 says:

    Funny you should mention measels because all the recent outbreaks of measels were on populations where most of the people were vaccinated from it. So getting the vaccine didn’t prevent them from getting it. By the way-there is no law that says you have to vaccinate your kids so nobody is going to jail. Sorry! Hope your kids don’t die from the vaccines.

  17. mategetowned says:

    didn’t he have a episode against bottled water?…. its at 3:54

  18. MrEntj says:

    Death by boobies? Well, it could be worse…

  19. 5994fps says:

    I’m going to give my baby 1000 vaccines before he is one month old and set a world record just to prove to people that vaccines do no harm.

  20. RunRomeRun says:

    It’s a good day when you can re-use a historical insult in the modern world. And here we have the new Century’s McCarthyism.

  21. RedDaVincy says:

    The production values for this series are near-0. Why then do there have to be ads? It’s just hearing Gillette tell us what to think again. Most people do that for free.

  22. SuperSquishface says:

    She is a hot problem

  23. aalalexander says:

    if you’re good at something, never do it for free.

  24. Nick Bloss says:

    you can skip the ads sooo.

  25. CptFreakout1 says:

    Boobs for brains cant deal with that fact her genes aren’t perfect so it must be something else to blame for her kid, it sounds like her ego is as big as her tits .

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