Jerita Streater – When You Said (Official Music Video)

Heartbreak song a song experiencing deep heartache and pain… about a man in the military I dated that broke my heart when i found out our whole relationship was a lie. It’ll be on my upcoming album “Innocence to Insanity” coming in april 2013. Plz follow me on twitter @jerita22 follow my facebook fan page @ Jerita streater and buy this song on itunes Video Directed & Edited by:

Be Happy Follow Your Heart Stamps (My Minds Eye)

17 acrylic clear stamps coordinated with the Be Happy color scheme.

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23 Responses to Jerita Streater – When You Said (Official Music Video)

  1. Carlita Washington says:

    I fell in looooove with this song! I LOVE YOU JERITA!!

  2. EvilBunniCrucilla says:

    OMG YES!!!!

  3. Jeritavibez says:

    thank u !!

  4. tatikay52 says:

    wow intense and amzing

  5. eazg1 says:


  6. Jeritavibez says:

    I love yall to!

  7. pandemic beatz says:

    dope track!!! killin the ballad game!!! keep it going n you’ll go far baby!!!#jeritavibez<3

  8. mammsie graham says:

    amazing song and video (=

  9. Katy Martinez says:

    You should go on Xfactor or American Idol!

  10. tatikay52 says:

    Omg this is sooo beautiful you are star, and shining bright’ truly a star is born

  11. palee2012 says:


  12. palee2012 says:

    This was outstanding. The sparkle that has always been in you is becoming a star! I know it’s corny, but you are special. Love ya!

  13. Sugarburs says:

    Congrats jerita on your progress, I know you don’t remember me and I barely remember you cause we were kids but we used to be cousins by marriage 😀 good luck in your stardom cause you’re doing great so far.

  14. Sugarburs says:

    I think she said she auditioned for the voice but didn’t make the cut, so lame cause she should have been put through

  15. Kenzie Leigh says:

    I’m so proud of you.. This gives me the chills.. GO HEAD.

  16. antwannmackall says:

    I heard u on shade 45 and I thought it was an awesome song I wish I could have called in cus people was hating but I love it and will be a fan

  17. hunydewdrp1 says:

    Heard you this evening on Shade 45 – already arrived at home but stayed in the parked car to listen to your song. Great lyrics and beautiful voice. Good luck in your singing and song writing career.

  18. Jeritavibez says:

    thank u so much for the love on shade 45 Forget THE HATERZ! thank yall

  19. sgillin12 says:

    jerita has been singing since she was 6mos old. This is perfection. I don’t another who puts their whole hesrt into her art, music and craft. She deserves to soar.

  20. sgillin12 says:

    She is so beautiful and can hit the high notes like Mariah Carey. Jerita is a true diva.

  21. lilyols says:

    this is such a touching music video! love it 🙂

  22. 000crusador says:

    much love Jerita….you will amaze people with your talent. Keep going and never give up

  23. pandemic beatz says:

    so great

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