Jessica Biel and Brian Stokes Mitchell – I’ll Know

Guys & Dolls in Concert Hollywood Bowl 8-1-09 Evening Jessica Biel as Sarah Brown and Brian Stokes Mitchell as Sky Masterson performing “I’ll Know”. Includes a minute of the scene after the song. Please note: two videos are spliced together, so there’s a slight skip at 2:59.


London follows a group of hip, wealthy twentysomethings who share a love of cocaine and partying in this twisted and obsessive love story about Syd (Chris Evans) and his former girlfriend London (Jessica Biel). When Syd finds out about a going away party for London that he was not invited to, he crashes the party with his new acquaintance Bateman (Jason Statham) to confront his former lover one last time.

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22 Responses to Jessica Biel and Brian Stokes Mitchell – I’ll Know

  1. vdsteelman says:

    After being in this musical in High School, I have to say I was very surprised at how great of a voice Jessica actually has, I would have loved to see this!

  2. facingwindows says:

    love her

  3. janeeyre1030 says:

    her voice cannot hold up against the power and quality of BSM, she has an ok voice but not in the same class as him…

  4. ashcass says:

    I dont think she’d sustain 8 shows a week but for this she did great. Brave thing for her to do. I have alot of respect for her.

  5. bottledxxbohemia says:

    if you watch the original guys and dolls movie, sarah brown did have a slightly flimsy voice.

  6. abailey6666 says:

    jessica biel sounds better than lip-synging britney spears. Justin Timberlake is there to support his girlfriend what a good boyfriend.

  7. Shnaliia says:

    jess is amazing!!!
    she has very beautiful voice

  8. janeeyre1030 says:

    I know that, but she was able to manage the notes with ease, she has an ok voice but BSM has an amazing voice…

  9. KellyAnn2390 says:

    Wow. I’m surprised at how good she sounds.

  10. Sherry Stern says:

    Biel stronger here than Sunday night… she had mid range problems then. They were aces together! Obviously, she is the hot ticket for posters, but the real wonderfulness of this show was seeing Mitchell in the Sky Masterson! The leading acting/singing baritone on Broadway the past 15 years, no challengers!

  11. beautyisme82 says:

    I agree! I’m not impressed.

  12. Bway2be says:

    She’s better than I expected, but to be honest, I miss the pure soprano in this song. But I enjoyed her much more in If I Were a Bell, and there’s no doubt most pop singers couldn’t do this at all! And BSM IS AMAZING!

  13. wickedphant0m says:

    Not “stop the presses!” amazing, but still very impressive.

  14. beautyisme82 says:

    I don’t claim to be a perfect singer. But I can hear a lot of strain on her high notes. I think she’d have done much better as Adelaide.

  15. CareBlaire says:

    the voice, not so terrible…her diction on the other hand…

  16. crazitenniskid says:

    I expected something terrible. She impressed me. =]

  17. mcni9563 says:

    this girl cannot act but is a pretty good singer. i’m impressed. she should forget about about acting and ask justin to produce an album for her or something

  18. clopezsparrow says:

    damn, jessical biel WHAT?!?!?!

  19. ferwynn04 says:

    what a voice! She really can sing

  20. broadwaystar92 says:

    Eh, Biel is better than I expected….just not amazing. Not bad though!

  21. broadwaystar92 says:

    And, to add on…that kiss was very odd to me.  Very awkward.

  22. JuliaLancione says:

    It is absolutely ridiculous when semi-famous Hollywood actors are allowed to perform in these musicals… Brian Stokes Mitchell is a Broadway/theatre legend and she sounds like a bad community theatre participant!

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