JESSICA BIEL: Answers If “THEY” are Real & Her GQ Photos

Entertainment reporter Tim Estiloz chats with actress Jessica Biel about her new film, “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry” – starring Adam Sandler and Kevin James. Biel discusses how much fun she had working with Sandler and James on – this, her FIRST big comedy role. Based on a pivotal comedy scene in “Chuck and Larry” – Jessica also answers the question “Are They Real”? Jessica also discusses her currently featured photos in GQ magazine. This is a fun, entertaining interview with Jessica that shows her lighter, fun personality to it’s fullest. Thisstory was written and produced by Tim Estiloz. It originally aired on the TV program “Backstage” seen on CN8 – The Comcast Network. See more of Tim Estiloz’ videos on “You Tube” under the title “FilmFanTV”… and be sure to subscribe. Be sure to visit Tim’s website:

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25 Responses to JESSICA BIEL: Answers If “THEY” are Real & Her GQ Photos

  1. heavenlygal101 says:

    Love it! Hilarious! Jessica is great! Thanks for putting this up!

  2. rayningstars says:

    You can tell that she’s not all that great at coming up with answers on the spot, but that’s a hard skill to learn. I still love her ^^

  3. bboy120774 says:

    Yeah Adam.Feel him.They are definitly REAL…and she is definitly the sexiest women alive.She is beautiful.

  4. PussyCatDoll14 says:

    She’s allll real.

  5. KALIEZ says:

    HAHA i know right? aaand she poses nude for a magazine cover, but she has a “fear” of getting into underwear. But she’s pretty..and if i had her body i would run around in my underwear too.

  6. MrMeaggie says:

    shoulda left the nose and lips alone

  7. Cameron Vandenhoff says:

    hell, if i had her body, i’d run around wearing nothing at all. *gets down and hands and knees and worships the godessness that is Jessica Biel*

  8. foodiswhatilivefor says:

    whats all the fuss about?
    tons of celebs have better bodies than that
    shes so manly its scary
    and that film was so crap

  9. fattie8701 says:

    omG how many times did she say wonderful??

  10. Gabz50 says:

    “fatass we’re not really married” loool. jessica biel is soooo hootttt lucky JT

  11. butterfly1ob says:

    she has very nice voice

  12. Tim Estiloz says:

    I was there… I beg to differ.

  13. akroyd says:

    “what was it like workin’ with these two guys, Yukkin’ it up on the set”

    who the fuck talks like that?

  14. Tim Estiloz says:

    LOL… apparently I do.

    … and I did. Nuff said – God bless.

  15. Tim Estiloz says:

    No – the doc shoved me out the door before that allegedly happened.

  16. angelbabyOMG says:

    what does yukkin it up mean?

  17. Tim Estiloz says:

    She is even better looking in person… and genuinely nice and funny.
    … other actresses might have thrown a fit – had I asked them that question.
    …. She took it all in good fun… and played along. I’ve interviewed her twice – and each time… she’s been a dream.

  18. Tim Estiloz says:

    Old school slang for ” cracking jokes… laughs… having fun”

  19. Tim Estiloz says:

    … and she was nice enough to autograph my copy of GQ – with her on the cover… AND pose for a picture w/ me.

    Again…. a very nice, beautiful woman – very genuine in every way it counts.

  20. Tim Estiloz says:


  21. kentamitchell says:

    You are *understating* the case on *both* points.

  22. kentamitchell says:

    “Every way that counts”? It would not be polite to speculate further. 😉
    Fine interview- and congratulations on getting to live one of my fantasies.

  23. Tim Estiloz says:

    Thank You 🙂

  24. mol3898 says:

    i think she one of those rare people in hollywood who its just a job and not a life style

  25. mol3898 says:

    man, how do you NOT know what that means? What year you born in?

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