Jessica Biel – I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry – Sexy Cat Woman Scene (HD)

Hot Scene with Jessica Biel from the movie I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

The Tall Man [Blu-ray]

In an isolated, slowly dying mining town, children are vanishing without a trace – abducted, the townsfolk whisper, by a mysterious entity known locally as “The Tall Man.” Town nurse Julia Denning (Jessica Biel, Total Recall, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) seems skeptical…until her young David disappears in the middle of night. Frantic to rescue the boy, Julia lives every parent’s darkest nightmare in this twisting, shock-around-each-corner thriller from acclaimed director Pascal Laugier (Martyrs).

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19 Responses to Jessica Biel – I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry – Sexy Cat Woman Scene (HD)

  1. crash60068 says:

    what song was playing?

  2. darkuss3 says:

     Ace of base- Beautiful life

  3. 5ivejoey says:

    jessica biel is hot

  4. Magnolia296 says:

    Nice, funny and very entertaining movie. Adam Sandler and Jessica Biel are my favorite actors but I still believe that Kevin James was the most impressive here. Dan Aykroyd was awesome too. “I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry” is one of the greatest Comedy films of the 2000’s – along with ‘Heartbreakers’, ‘Meet the Fockers’, ‘Knocked Up’, ‘Big Stan’, ‘Miss Congeniality’, ‘Mr. Deeds’, ‘Elvis Has Left the Building’, ‘Christmas with the Kranks’, ‘Made In Manhattan’, ‘Mean Girls’ etc

  5. markissable says:

    i love jessica’s ass in that outfit! wow!

  6. CaptainGlacier says:

    Eventhough the costume she wore in this movie was really cheap looking, Jessica should have played CatWoman in the next Batman movie.

  7. MegaHotClips says:



  8. Sam Prince says:

    its groove is in the heart by deee-lite

  9. MrCommanderIglo says:

    Hey I think the solution is “Deee Lite – Groove Is In The Heart”
    Maybe you can also help me… – I am looking for the title some minutes before… (unfortunately not in this video hearable) I would like to know the title when Chuck and Larry are entering the club and see the “homo butterfly” for the first time.

  10. zomgseriosuly says:

    0:24 lol

  11. Cnxr0xxs says:

    jessica biel is so sexy in latex!!!

  12. 7rusher says:

    but only in latex!! 😉

  13. Joe Jamell Johnson says:

    What’s the of the song playing at party?

  14. Ivan Daniel Rodriguez says:

    cual es la cancion romantica

  15. MrCsibefalo says:

    can someone tell me the song name at 0:56 ?

  16. Lups Barrera says:

    Ace of Base- Beautiful Life 🙂

  17. Lups Barrera says:

    Ace of Base-Beautiful Life

  18. Roma9532 says:

    HAHA Hathaway and Biel were screeened to play Catwoman but Hathaway won.

  19. junitafelisha says:

    can somebody tell me what’s the song title when chuck n larry dancing? thanks

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