Jessica Biel interview for Home of the Brave

Chuck the Movieguy interviews Jessica Biel for the movie Home of the Brave

Powder Blue [Blu-ray]

On the gritty streets of LA, the destinies of four people desperate for connection and redemption are about to collide. Jessica Biel, Ray Liotta, Forest Whitaker and Eddie Redmayne lead a top-notch cast in this powerful thriller about an overwhelmed erotic dancer, a grieving husband who has lost his will to live, a terminally ill ex-con and a pathologically shy mortician. With Kris Kristofferson, Lisa Kudrow and Patrick Swayze in unforgettable supporting roles, this film movingly chronicles the imperfect lives of people teetering on the edge of despair and the miracles that bring them back.

Stills from Powder Blue (Click for larger image)

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24 Responses to Jessica Biel interview for Home of the Brave

  1. korndog59 says:

    horrible movie.

  2. kidpokerr says:

    the movie was bad but jessica isnt that bad actress really.

  3. pantherz9103 says:

    movie’s nothing special watched it anyway just for biel and her ass

  4. EXECUTI0N619 says:

    Haters….the movie was good…it wasint that bad.

  5. bingbadda says:

    Jessica is still an inspiring young actress , they try some things maybe good some maybe bad I liked it ! You just have to have the hindsite to read & see between some lines ! Kuddo’s Jess

  6. airsoft6839 says:


  7. Sikakuhc says:

    i dotn give a fuck if the move was good or not….shes damn hot


    shes not hot,and this movie SUUUUCKS!! an insult to fighting men everywhere

  9. swanningaround says:

    Why do you say that? I thought th film was very good and bought out important issues. I doubt you have any idea what fighting men go through.


    I am one of the fighting men ,Sir
    A real one,meaning 11Bravo..I didnt like the film because of the obvious military technical inacurasies,when you portray my brothers ,at least put some effort into getting it right….


    strange how wrong you can take sometimes huh bro?



  13. swanningaround says:

    Look, King. I know what you are saying. Hollywood does get carried away sometimes to make a story. However, I think the important issues like PTSD etc. are covered well. I also think it was a brave film. People like to see films like “Saving Private Ryan” where the guys “kick German butt”. But these types of films are far more inaccurate.


    I know,and I think SPR were the most overrated film in history..but Hollywood makes it out like all of us are complete phsycos and suffer from PTSD(believe me Im not denying that many soldiers/marines suffer from PTSD,my cousin hung himself after returning from Lebanon..)..but if you had been military,former or active,you too would have hated this film simply from the overly melodramatic themes..the mission is hard enough.we dont need hollywood complicating it,


    cuz lets face it,many many Americans learn abt the military from the movies,and thus its IMPERATIVE that they get it right!

  16. swanningaround says:

    King. I think they really tried to get it right. They also have to make a profit. (They didn’t). I do agree with a lot of what you say, though. I do think the public can take hard and truthful films. After all, “All’s Quiet on the Western Front” was an all time classic war film covering difficult issues.

    i am very sorry to hear about your poor cousin. I know that not all soliders in a war zone suffer from PTSD. Some are lucky enough to avoid shall we say “unpleasant situations”.

  17. fadedflame03 says:

    she’s pretty but not very articulate.

  18. cannabisbisbisbisbis says:

    i wanna shove my penis in her

  19. Tirann Laws says:

    I like this movie alot of people bash it and say alot of untrue things about us soldiers but this movie bought back alot of memories for me personally and 50 cent aka curtis jackson did a good job showing what it can be like personally as a soldier trying to deal with the after math of doing what u got to do and living with it and not feeling understood even by the people you care about the most I felt almost as if his role was a more tragec version of my own struggles readjusting to home

  20. partikla86 says:

    she’s so beautifulll………….

  21. amver08 says:

    there so many jessica in hollywood but all of them are hot !!!! jessica biel ,jessica alba ,jessica sutta ,

  22. wolfke1979 says:

    Honestly, this was a very good movie. I actually was just watching this movie the other day. It really moves you. Jessica and Samuel L. Jackson put so much emotion in it. I think Jessica is one of the most talented young actresses in Hollywood.

  23. malawri67 says:

    Jessica is so fuckin hot!

  24. 2004dale says:

    i disagree with people who say she can’t act. she has skills. i think she can act. i love seeing her in military roles cause she has the physical build of someone who would be in the service. i’m sure there are some skinny females who serve but it kills me nonetheless when hollywood picks super skinny like no muscle what so ever to play these kick ass military chicks. it’s like really-what exactly is she lifting? lol

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