Jessica Biel interviewed by Graham Norton for her film Easy Virtue

Justin Timberlake’s girlfriend Jessica Biel gets interviewed by Graham Norton for her film Easy Virtue, directed by Stephan Elliott. She stars alongside Colin Firth, Kristin Scott Thomas and Ben Barnes.

Powder Blue

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11 Responses to Jessica Biel interviewed by Graham Norton for her film Easy Virtue

  1. GraceMarieKelly says:

    oh my god! i has seen that while i was in uk! oh gosh! i was lol-ing when she did the chip trick!

  2. sugarbaby679 says:

    she looks sooo funny without makeup

  3. guilvinec says:

    I love Jissica a lot! I’m disappointed being in France cause I can’t watch the film in English! So she’s the best actress of all times to me!

  4. ksha says:

    movie looks like it sucks but since ben is in it I MIGHT go see it

  5. iamadamsusername says:

    Wow, mickey wasnt at all creepy was he? lol

  6. KiwiLabneh says:

    Hi there FastRita, do you have the first part of this show where he interviews Mickey? I’ve looked everywhere on the internet for it!! Thaaank you!!

  7. Rladrien says:

    wow the description is terrible… she had a career long before she was Justin Timberlakes girlfriend…

  8. andrewglover6 says:

    very creepy indeed! I haven’t got anything in my house that looks like this – gross I’m surprise Jessica wasn’t more shocked!

  9. andrewglover6 says:

    actually she looks way better than usual although she always looks good!

  10. sugarbaby679 says:

    ya ur only 2 years late to comment 🙂

  11. joystixxify says:

    apparently he was very drunk during that show lol

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