Jessica Biel on Her Husband

She just married Justin Timberlake! The beautiful Jessica Biel was here to tell Ellen about married life!

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24 Responses to Jessica Biel on Her Husband

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  2. nhahais says:

    Use her last name rather than Justin’s. Batmo-Biel 🙂

  3. Danni Edge says:

    batmo-timberlake.. ?? im so stupid. :)

  4. tjv323 says:


  5. KingMasterReview says:

    Jessica Biel is so HOT! I liked her in the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre Movie!

  6. Betty Liem says:

    She’s bulky, on film.

  7. TheCherryTerri says:

    I Don’t Get It..

  8. Faaoosala Lale says:

    I don’t get it..

  9. spamdory says:

    we’ll see how long they last…

  10. h20luli says:

    care to explain?

  11. mychemicalz says:

    Batmo-Biel you guys lol

  12. Kevin O says:

    ew i hate her. shes so fucking rude to fans. one time she walked into a restaurant and i saw these really excited fans (just 2 of them) ask to take a picture and she got someone to tell them to go away. i hate celebrities who don’t respect their fans, they got u to where u r today be more appreciative

  13. kaytaymac19 says:

    The video title is so misleading…

  14. alijaafary says:

    The title is very misleading.

  15. NancyCallahannn says:

    so when you get married you just forget that he cheated on you several times, and just because you signed a paper he will never do it again and he will be (only) with you happily ever after. Good luck…!

  16. barrack obama says:

    i dont get it

  17. forlornspawn817 says:

    Lol, ya kept saying the same thing.

  18. forlornspawn817 says:

    It’s not right to be rude, but fans should respect the celebrities they are fans of as well. They are still people, and likely have rude fans get in their face constantly while eating and such. Sometimes even the politest ones snap. Not saying you are wrong or arguing, just saying it goes both ways.

  19. highspeedfiles says:

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  20. as a says:

    Misleading title misleads……

  21. Celeste Hernandez says:

    hey guys! check out my channel. I post very random stuff haha xD
    Okay? thanks ;]

  22. iTzAIISkill says:

    You’re an idiot. He didn’t say anything about Christianity, YOU did. I said you’re brainwashed, you’re not brainwashing anyone….I’m not even going to argue with you, you’re taking what I said out of context and clearly don’t understand what I am trying to say. Go read a book and gain some fucking knowledge, sick of arguing with complete down syndrome shits like you.

  23. eL94b says:

    Well I say that all the time even though he’s not my huuusbaand! But it’s really weird nobody believes me! -.-

  24. mchealy90 says:

    You’re a moron. The only people who have an opposing stance on gay marriage are religious people. GoRHoM is most likely a “Christian.” Now, gay marriage is not natural. Neither is straight marriage. The bible says that being gay is a sin. It also says that prostitution is, but that didn’t stop Jesus from loving Mary Magdalene. Christians are taught to live as Christ did. That means loving everyone, regardless of the way they live their lives. So, yes, hate is not a Christian value.

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