Jessica Biel Stacks Her Packages!

The race was on! Ellen challenged Jessica Biel to see who could stack their packages higher! Find out who came out on top!


Academy Award winner Nicolas Cage, Julianne Moore and Jessica Biel join forces to bring you the heart-pounding thriller that is Next. Cris Johnson (Cage) earns his living in a seedy Las Vegas magic act, but his ability to see a few minutes into the future is authentic. Government agent Callie Ferris (Oscar nominee Moore) knows this, and relentlessly recruits him to help thwart a terrorist group from detonating a nuclear bomb in the heart of Los Angeles. Will the reluctant hero join the desperate race against the clock by daring to see what is Next? Featuring non-stop action, explosive special effects and adrenaline-charged Special Features, this is an exciting adventure you won’t want to miss!

Special Features
Making The Best Next Thing
The Next “Grand Idea”
Two Minutes In The Future With Jessica Biel
Visualizing The Next Move

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25 Responses to Jessica Biel Stacks Her Packages!

  1. salyslolo00 says:

    When Ellen said Justin, I was like is she Justin Bieber wife? Then I saw mrs. Timberlake

  2. 0Ddawg22 says:

    she is so hot

  3. hanabana37 says:

    I hope they have a nice family :)

  4. Diogo Lacerda says:

    Ellens always know how to win her games! She wins everytime!! lool!

  5. XsweetstarliteX says:

    loooool andy

  6. Clare Diamandis says:

    but ellen’s elf’s chair was higher??? LOL

  7. potturhed says:

    Awww she seems so sweet!

  8. Kimsea Love stealer says:

    Iam 1000th likes 🙂

  9. Axol says:

    Or she’s just a good actress :P

  10. Nandisuria3 says:

    LOL the elf was such a mess as he ran off how cute!

  11. Rashi Agarwal says:

    the elves are oon different heights! even their laps!

  12. stephensdiana says:

    So cute, she was genuinely excited to see Mrs Timberlake! Aww

  13. saranghaeping says:

    Ellen you cheated! Your elf has thicker thighs lol

  14. Alexis Woo says:

    Ellen’s elf’s chair is higher

  15. mnmgrly1 says:

    Lucky gal…..Mrs Timberlake!

  16. MANNY2AMANY1 says:


  17. MyJamesMusic says:

    Id give it 7 months.

  18. joeyinjoy says:


  19. Soheil1829 says:

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  20. Pap3rMoon says:

    the most annoying sound ever is when a bunch of women wooing all at once.. ughhh

  21. katty81690 says:

    nah they’ve been together for awhile

  22. Melba Lugo says:

    i swear Ellen only plays these games with guests so that she can beat them all! lol

  23. kashaslave says:

    Jessica Biel doest seem that emotional girl in her movies

  24. Zentria95 says:

    First she’s on her husband.. Now she’s stacking her packages?!

  25. Bay P says:

    I love Jessica Biel. She’s so genuine and nice 🙂

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