Jessica Biel Wants a 7th Heaven Reunion!

Jessica Biel interview 2012 with Deidre Behar, talking about not seeing Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2, working with Gerard Butler, playing a mom in Playing for Keeps, and how she constantly works on being a better person. Watch, comment, and subscribe! – Subscribe Now! – Like Us! – Follow Us!

Powder Blue

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11 Responses to Jessica Biel Wants a 7th Heaven Reunion!

  1. AaronRawr666 says:


  2. kelvindj333 says:

    whooo im second to comment

  3. MyBibiii says:

    Jessica looks so pretty

  4. dikirbd1 says:

    Talking about 7th heaven reunion,I don*t hear that part?

  5. xagihzz507 says:

    the last part of play or pass, the last question have a 7th heaven reunion she said play and deidre answered you just made my dreams come true

  6. xagihzz507 says:

    Ohhhh Excelent interview I Really Liked it … the question were so appropriate and we can see the real personality of the actors….

  7. dikirbd1 says:

    Oh yes,tnx!

  8. xagihzz507 says:

    you are welcome

  9. hellokittygirl186 says:

    Great interview!

  10. AppleLuvsWriting says:

    I’d love to see a 7th Heaven reunion!

  11. zoekeeper45 says:

    What a great idea!!

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