Johny Hendricks: ‘My Heart Got Ripped Out of Me’

Johny Hendricks discusses why he is upset with Georges St-Pierre, his place in the welterweight division and much more on The MMA Hour. Subscribe to our channel for more MMA videos! Click here: – Check us out on Facebook ( and follow us on Twitter (@MMAFighting)! – MMA Fighting

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21 Responses to Johny Hendricks: ‘My Heart Got Ripped Out of Me’

  1. Luc Downey says:

    It’s kind of hard to agree with a guy names childraper.

  2. justthatbeastkid says:

    Nick vs Johny IMO, thats the ONLY true way to decide it……. I honestly say Nick would out class him in boxing and get an easy sub when Hendricks goes wrestler mode.

  3. BlariX says:

    He humilated Diaz? Seriously? In that fight everyone and his mother critised Condit for his tactics. Win or lose no one has ever thought Condit would use those tactics considering how he always comes out to bang. It seems you’re not a Diaz fan but stop making stuff up it makes you look like an idiot. Also GSP asked for Diaz , so you’re blaming Diaz for that as well. That is incredibly stupid. Diaz is a heck of a fighter that comes to fight, why would u dislike him?

  4. 2010UPRISING says:

    hendricks thinks GSP is ducking him? lmao funniest thing iv heard all day. hendricks should fight condit next

  5. Proboscis5000 says:

    Hendrix round: 1

  6. xxCasanova98xx says:

    This guy is acting like a spoiled brat. Sure he has earned his shot, but ultimately it’s GSP’s choice as champ as to who he wants to fight. Either sit and wait (like Condit) or ask for another fight in the interim, but for the love of mother of all things, stop crying.

  7. KillerKam802 says:

    Just fight someone else wtf is his problem..

    Diaz vs GSP

  8. ChrisDodd45 says:

    big Diaz brother fan but Hendrick deserves a shot at the title. Hes won his last 5, and hes put away Fitch & Kampmann in devastating fashion. If it was any other division he would of be given a title shot. Its not like Fitch and Kampmann are stepping stones, these dudes are top 10 fighters. I think Nick should have one more fight then be given the winner of GSP vs Hendricks.

  9. ChrisDodd45 says:

    humiliated him lmao.. what a fucking douche

  10. nondescriptman says:

    Shut up! you got beat by koscheck.. couldn’t even take him down,,, hendricks is a one trick pony!

    And this guy thinks GSP is scared of him… what a comedian!

  11. jbard77 says:

    The reason GSP wants Diaz is cause Diaz talked shit to him.

  12. Vejita12 says:

    It’s never been the champs choice, and it cannot be, champ has to defend the belt against the best one out there, not choose who he wants to fight, if you want to have some sort of legitimate title. If you went through what Hendricks went through to be in the position he is, you’d be fucking hanging yourself right now.

  13. Vladimir Joseph says:

    Johny Hendricks sure finishes his sentences with “you know what i saying”, a lot you know what i saying.

  14. sirbrad4 says:

    Diaz was supposed to fight long ago and is the fight that will bring in the money. GSP against Hendricks would be boring.

  15. marky26886 says:

    Say what you want but Hendricks deserves this shot, Diaz getting it is BS

  16. SlugsRollThugsinrugs says:

    I’m an expert ugghhhh

  17. darthkirones says:

    Ir’s a business, Dana needs to make money too, that why yhey gave yje shot to Diaz

  18. Vladimirus Vlad says:

    why the fuck would he get the title shot, who the fuck did he beat

  19. Paul Hunt says:

    Shut up crying Hendricks. You’re exciting to watch but this is pathetic, stop whining. Knock out another guy in the interim and you’ll have no other choice but get the title shot. You’re going to need all the practice you can get to beat GSP, going to need a little more than a strong overhand…

  20. MARCUS3XTV says:

    makes no sense as fight.

  21. glenndez420 says:

    Fitch and Kampmann. Both by vicious KO. I think the guy does deserve a shot.

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