Justin Wins Favorite Pop/Rock Album – AMA 2012

Justin Bieber accepts the award for Favorite Pop/Rock Album at the 2012 American Music Awards.

Life Laughs: The Naked Truth about Motherhood, Marriage, and Moving On

Jenny McCarthy, New York Times bestselling author of Baby Laughs and Belly Laughs, speaks candidly about the challenges and the humor to be found in balancing motherhood and the ups and downs of marriage.

Jenny McCarthy’s honesty has made her a bestseller. In Life Laughs, Jenny opens up about all of the things no one told you before you got married and had kids. Of course there’s plenty of Jenny’s outrageous humor, but she also writes openly and for the first time about doing your best when marriage falters and about her own divorce, which made headlines when it was announced in the summer of 2005. Jenny doesn’t pretend to be an expert in her books; she is instead something more valuable—a good girlfriend. Catch Jenny’s take on growing older, finances, PMS, sex, dating . . . and again, mommyhood.

Jenny McCarthy is a trusted, brand-name, bestselling author, and Life Laughs is poised to be her biggest book yet.

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25 Responses to Justin Wins Favorite Pop/Rock Album – AMA 2012

  1. Pat Floresca says:

    Yes please, kill Bieber.

  2. Luis Augusto says:

    Would like the music industry illuminati kill this bieber or destroy his reputation.

  3. antiKEKIS says:

    Русские в топе 😀
    Видели как он искривился когда его девушка целовала? Гей! :D

  4. TheSooffiiee says:


  5. neckitlord526 says:

    Пиидор!!! Пидрила ебаная!!! It’s means :”HE IS SO AWESOME!”

  6. Dianita Swaggy says:

    I Love u Justin

  7. elena brunchi says:

    porfavor dime donde poido ver el site del jastin verdadero en facebook porfavor

  8. Echa Cha says:

    i don’t even understand what are the top comments saids -,-

  9. sscxajwqa says:

    فشل يا جاستن بيبر

  10. parkourhns says:

    0:23-:024 say thanks “The man Usher Rainman” . illuminati..!

  11. cernyjezdec123 says:

    omg Justin Bieber Stupid!!!

  12. xX9PiNgU5Xx says:

    sei un frocio ti devi vergognare mangi la merda dei negri che ti cagano in bocca mentre lo prendi in culo da una suora cinese con una tetta perche l altra se l è tagliata per tappare il tuo culo che ormai ha raggiunto proporzioni pari a quelle di un pallone da calcio. brutto leccapreti del cazzo ti ammazzo la famiglia e gli do fuoco poi voglio vedere il tuo corpo sbranato dai cannibali mentre te lo infilano nel culo anche da morto. piscero caghero e ballero sulla tue tomba gay di un gay lesbico

  13. zharipa says:

    I Like

  14. QuarantineModeEU says:

    sub my channel Justin did not need more sub ..

  15. João Gabriel says:


  16. Maisa ribeiro says:


  17. Lillia Poveda says:

    Gay homo fag

  18. ThePrincess0556 says:

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  19. Re-al Rapper says:

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  20. Aduai Joseph says:

    i like justin beiber song


  21. Aduai Joseph says:

    i like justin beiber and jaden smith and wiliow smith too if you when to call me my phone unmber is (971)-255-1364 i live in OR portland

  22. NazirulBelieber says:

    Usher is in Illuminati but JB is not.

  23. iBibblesGrande says:

    LoL. Justin feels ‘violated’.

  24. ProHackerGreece says:

    he thanks satan! and nice award pyramid so obviously illuminati

  25. Lordjareal says:

    biebers so short

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