Leona Lewis is 13 years old and Sings My Heart Will Go On

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25 Responses to Leona Lewis is 13 years old and Sings My Heart Will Go On

  1. MariahCareyVevo1 says:

    Wow sooo good.

  2. WhereTFisDeja says:

    Titanic flashbacks (tears).

  3. wonderful543 says:

    this is amazing. espcially for her age she hit that High E over C

  4. Ivan A says:

    she is just too cute and awkward at the same time. loves it.

  5. Pete Kemp says:

    Imagine how proud her parents would be there… and imagine how proud they are now… She’s just breathtaking!

  6. PCDizzle15 says:

    Damn she can SAANGGG!

  7. RandomCoked says:

    handflick at 3:00 is so cute!

  8. Willowsmarg says:

    So cute, so good. Beautiful voice . She’s perfect, perfect!

  9. katiebob53 says:

    She had it then and she got it now, fantastic, love Leona for ever.

  10. Alexandre Arena Filho says:

    She was good already, but got much better with time and practice. Nowadays her vibrato is flawless, and here I can barely hear vibrato.

  11. MaScErRaDe95 says:


  12. merahmuka222 says:

    13 years and better than justin bieber…go leona

  13. liam ferguson says:


  14. RachelNo1mjfan88 says:

    I love her soo much shes soo pretty and talented, what a voice!

  15. paladin druid says:

    hahaha so true go leona

  16. AnNaLoVe ANYA says:

    bella leona

  17. zykain says:


  18. musicbabylove1 says:

    wow so sweet

  19. MrLoganj84 says:

    Why couldn’t she have sang this for the titanic movie?

  20. creeingles says:

    and look at her now 🙂

  21. yukiho94 says:

    WOW leona was as amazing then as she is now 🙂 even more so

  22. John Doe says:

    Gosh, her high registers seem so much more relaxed. I long for the day another “Spirit”-like album might be produced if that would at all be possible. Those really are the golden years of her voice.

  23. motr1990 says:

    Holy lord, is it even possible that this is even better then the way she sings now:O This is sooow pure…

  24. cesarpardo21 says:

    Way heavenly…. have you ever seen the riahanna’s cover of mariah carey hero single.. damn that is fucking terrible… but this shit my frien is incredible Leona Lewis is simply one of the best singers ever!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. 영훈 박 says:

    She is always a singer, anyone can’t deny it

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