Lindsey Raye Ward – Flyleaf – Bury Your Heart (Drum Cover)

~ Flyleaf – Bury Your Heart from the 2012 release – New Horizons is copyrighted property of its owner(s) ~ This is ‘Bury Your Heart’ by Flyleaf from their 2012 release, ‘New Horizons.’ Flyleaf has been my absolute favorite band for the past 7 years. They have encouraged me and helped me grow as a person in ways that I can’t put into words. It saddens my heart to see Lacey step down as lead vocalist, but I’m so incredibly thankful for the amazing legacy that she is leaving behind with 3 albums with the band. I could go on forever, but I’ll leave it at this- I’m so excited to see where God takes Lacey and the Flyleaf guys as they step out into New Horizons. May we all have the courage to take a giant leap of faith, and follow our dreams 🙂 Memento Mori. External drums played, recorded and mixed by: Lindsey Ward Twitter: Facebook: TRUTH DRUMS: VATER PERCUSSION

Follow Your Heart

Lisa Stevens runs to a quiet mountain retreat after being made a laughing stock in the gossip columns at home. As she drives back to her home and life, her car breaks down during an ice storm, forcing her to seek refuge with a local, the handsome rock star Michael Joyce.

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25 Responses to Lindsey Raye Ward – Flyleaf – Bury Your Heart (Drum Cover)

  1. rodney6413 says:

    This is really awesome 😀 If I was to give any sort of critique, then I’d probably say that you should choke up on your sticks just a touch, those sticks look like they’re gonna fly out of your hand XD Very nice job though 🙂

  2. Daniel Thompson says:

    Wow, way to be amazing on the drums! Keep this up! Never stop playing, just keep moving forward 🙂

  3. drummerelle says:

    how did you get endorsed I ‘m looking to do that

  4. Ondra Pešek says:

    I love this song

  5. Justin Blake says:

    you should do a song from Halestorm. like it’s not you or better sorry than safe

  6. itsapossum4321 says:

    Hey what kind of crash is it you were riding on during the chorus?

  7. Efren Junior says:


  8. emmoneco says:

    by surprise! x)

  9. HOPEkillFEAR says:

    Cover Meridian by August Burns Red

  10. rockadrumboy86 says:

    good job!!

  11. zaharincore82 says:


  12. 19cemeterygirl says:

    I really love watching u. You are extremely talented. I hope you can cover green heart.

  13. kapwnedinthevag says:

    im usually biased against female drummers, but that was pretty impressive, keep it up

  14. UWMike017 says:

    Ah you beat me to it. I’m wondering the same thing. I thought it was just a thin ride initially?? Sounds pretty sexy tho..

  15. JohnWatsonDrums says:

    When so many youtube drummers are turning to samples, it’s so refreshing to listen to a natural kit. And a killer drummer behind it helps.

  16. ObnoxiousCamoToe says:

    Dude, I laughed at that stick twirl too! It was awesome!

  17. ObnoxiousCamoToe says:

    Ever since I first heard this song on the album I absolutely loved how much soul Lacey put into the “You know it BREAKS MY HEART!” and that crash makes it even more amazing. Especially the one from the bridge to the final chorus where you twirl your stick. That fit in there perfectly. It made me giggle and get goosebumps cause it just complimented Lacey’s voice so much. Amazing job!

  18. ObnoxiousCamoToe says:

    Check out Skillet’s drummer. Jen Ledger is amazing too.

  19. pccope05 says:

    awesome. Love the emotion! 🙂

  20. RudolfPL says:

    why i cant like it more than once ??? IT’S AWESOME !!!!!!!!

  21. raceinfan says:

    Hi Lindsey just watched your SKILLET cover & ventured over to your page & gotta tell ya, YOU ARE AMAZING, keep up the good work & GOD BLESS

  22. avriladicta says:

    awesome cover! i love this song from the new album. Greetings from Argentina !

  23. Ricky Temples says:

    im in love with the sound of your set, just one thing please, beef up the bass drum just a few notches, and it will be perf!

  24. Ruben Groenewald says:

    Damm defnetly in my top 5 of best chick drummer out there. You rockt it hard you can lurn that boyfreind of youres a thing or two lol.Greating for South Africa.

  25. CODman123aaron says:

    Subscribe=beauty + talent

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