Little O – Separate Ways

☞ “LIKE” My Facebook: ☞ Follow My Twitter (@ayoLittleO): ________________________________________________ ⇩ Download Link ⇩ ________________________________________________ ❖ For Booking, Collabs, or Questions? Email me: ________________________________________________ ♫ Download My Mixtapes/Albums! ♫ – Retracing Memories (Vol.1) – 2010 – Inside My Heart (Vol.1) – 2011 – Fresh Love [EP] – 2012 ________________________________________________ » [ LYRICS ] « [First Verse] So many things, just running all around my mind I’m feeling stuck in a room full of shadows behind My life is changed, from color to just black and white What can I say? I’m feeling so alone tonight Please ask me why? I’m feeling so depressed right now Well let me say, my love to you no longer is bound The girl I once, I once was able to call mine no longer is, the girl I will be with tonight Ask me again? why this girl can change me around? The answer is, she was the perfect girl I found Everything changed, when I heard something inside heart these words of shame forever will break me apart [Chorus/Voicemail] Hey Omar… I’ve been really thinking about it and….. I feel like it’s just not gonna work out between us… I mean you’re a really sweet guy and all but… I just think we should stop seeing each other, I really don’t wanna lead you on but please try to understand… I

Be Happy Follow Your Heart Stamps (My Minds Eye)

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25 Responses to Little O – Separate Ways

  1. ItsJussNikka says:

    Worst feeling ever ! ;(

  2. eliel hernandez says:

    I raped d replay button

  3. lilochoBPG says:

    Everything i said its true man

  4. iiRawwrrYou says:

    Omg that was sad

  5. lilevilist says:

    IMA FAN !!

  6. mico lee says:

    nice beat sir!!!!!!can i have it??can i?can i?please…..hahah

  7. yengilee28 says:

    nice beat and clean ass song and lyric though bro..keep up the good work..

  8. xxsantiagoxo says:

    🙁 worsest feeling ever foreals,
    LittleO you got the good lyrics to it
    Keep Up The Good Songs 🙂
    #Little O Fans

  9. EGGZAVYR says:

    Great lyrics dude, Keep up tha great work. I hope to see you discovered

  10. Edawgg424 says:

    BRO I know how this feels ,check out the song I did lastnight ,its on my channel called lil EMQ – move on ,please check it out

  11. ielm0o2o9 says:

    I kan relate to disz sonqq
    Ilovee yur music bruh
    Keep up duh qud workk

    Hmu someetimee if yuh dwn to do uh sonq..

  12. xkraziekx says:

    nice setupp. i like

  13. esashorty863 says:

    omg i like this song i have all ur songs downloaded n im a big fan

  14. Shella Vang says:

    I loveeeeee you Omarrr!! <3 🙂

  15. Sandra Carmen says:

    Awww…this song was sad & I loved it you the best! 🙂 <3

  16. silviachino1 says:

    DAt was sad:(

  17. tony jimenez says:

    send me where you got the instrumental.?

  18. superboychiki says:

    This guy is amazing

  19. superboychiki says:

    good song

  20. superboychiki says:


  21. thegreat139able says:

    Best music video I have seen!! Keep it up bro you have talent!

  22. PurpleMonster20 says:

    This song made me cry :/

  23. 19junior95ify says:

    I feel you I could of relate with that song man u got talent g keep it up Bro! !!savagee

  24. angeinaperez12345 says:

    Dam I can relate so fucken much that I cried from old memories Ur good keep it up
    Someone sigh him already…..

  25. alexis norris says:

    omg 🙁
    song made me crying and its very sad song </3

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