Look Into My Heart (Song A Day #1438)

Look Into My Heart Song A Day #1438 Am FC Look into my heart and my heart says no GE My blood will boil and my skin will glow Am FC My insides churn at the things I lack GF Look into my heart filled heart attack Am I am pouring so completely E Into a new design Am A brand new mould made out of something E No emotion intertwined And the fire melts me down And the water sets me so And my heart is broken but full of something It’s never had before I try to see the beginning ’cause I pretend That the origins will make it all make sense When it’s split it down the middle both sides divorce You’re lagging behind and you’re way off course And I am changing so completely Chimera two by two Removing all the DNA that I picked up From living inside you In an empty apartment Silent and distressed Affecting me in different ways And ones I never guessed Look into my heart and turn away How could anyone love something so ugly Jealousy and impatience And desire that hangs so intense And I am moving now out to meet you And I am moving with my eyes closed And I am moving out without a helmet As the whole world explodes And in the dust and the rubble Beneath the ash and soot There is grass green grass a growing Silent underfoot FOLLOW me on Twitter: twitter.com LISTEN to my podcast: www.alwaysmaking.us LIKE http RATE rate.jonathanmann.net DOWNLOAD jonathanmann.bandcamp.com CALL (510) 402-6081 Other Places To Connect With Me: FOLLOW me on SoundCloud: soundcloud.com FOLLOW me on Instagram: My

Kissing Cousins

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25 Responses to Look Into My Heart (Song A Day #1438)

  1. lambmaster says:

    Jonathan. Man, Jonathan. I feel for you. Go be with friends. Do nothing but be with friends. They’ll help you through this.

  2. hieristOL Nachnahmehabeichauch says:


  3. Jonathan Mann says:

    Get out there and LIVE Bagel Boi!! 

  4. Lindsay Davis says:

    This is a beautiful song. Love the simplicity and honesty. Take care and best, L

  5. RayasNegroOvejas says:

    Great song.
    … Why does it say that you’ve 1 294 videos, when this is song 1 438?
    And will you do a christmas song/songs this year too? I loved last years’.

  6. freedomvegans says:

    In 9 songs it will be song 1447. can you write about the number 47, it appears everywhere and is the mathmatical doorway to a universal consciousness. a human organism is divided 47 times from it’s original zygote cell, zero point is the number 47, or consciousness self-realising itself as the complete onion with 47 rings, witnessing itself as the complete cosmic object at the state of complexity required to scaffold awareness into a single lucid focus.

    1447 about 47 please

  7. jujubugism says:

    Me too, I’m here from that same article! 

  8. ARSZNAJ says:

    My friend sent me “We’ve Got To Break Up” because I just broke up with my boyfriend for the same reason. I’m glad that it lead me to this song . . . I totally relate to this song. Thank you!

  9. superladybug1000 says:

    Please..Please..Please..Please…I want to hear this song too

  10. 89DukeNukem says:

    Dude this is the Style that will get you hurd, So I found you today so happy i have and cant belive how much iv missed!

  11. Sarah Bird says:

    I can’t stop playing this video. Love the song.

  12. Jonathan Mann says:

    Thanks Sarah! You should cover it!!

  13. SuperCherryduck says:

    This says exactly what I wanted to say. So beautiful, and so heart breaking in it’s quiet honest simplicity. You can see this is real.

  14. Sarah Bird says:

    I shall 🙂

  15. bambzoskie says:

    Can you write a song about pikachu losing his powers

  16. Toastergoat says:

    Great lyrics and melodies really good stuff today man really enjoyed

  17. gojiraify says:

    I just discovered you, Jonathan. Awesome work, my friend! Keep the songs coming!
    Dave C. in Palm Springs, CA

  18. Jacqueline Jones says:

    My heart hurts for you. Sending love and well wishes from Austin, Tx <3

  19. Jesse Suero says:

    As someone going through a breakup right now, I find solace in this song. Thanks for sharing!

  20. silviaerobalo says:

    Love the song !!

  21. Carla Almeida says:

    I really enjoyed the way you’re able to put your feeling into music. (:

  22. Natalie Van Houten says:

    I heard of you through We’ve Got To Break Up, and I really related to it because I’m going through a similar break up where it’s not really what either of us want but it has to happen. Thank you for that song and even more so for this one. I can’t stop listening to this, it’s so close to how I feel. One of my favorite parts of my day now is listening (and relistening) to your songs. You’re great, good luck, stay strong.

  23. bebita112111 says:

    I love this type of music i love ur work please play more(:

  24. akkia6 says:

    could you write the lyrics? thanks.

  25. pheafaerie says:


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