Lynn Hirschberg’s Screen Tests: Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel reveals her favorite movies growing up, why she never wanted to play the lame-o, scaredy cat girls and what makes her go “super hippie”.

Powder Blue

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21 Responses to Lynn Hirschberg’s Screen Tests: Jessica Biel

  1. adina mary says:

    :))) she’s funny

  2. lautner4536 says:

    I like her. She is great..=)

  3. justasweird says:

    you can tell why they made her video longer. theres something about her personality

  4. Tortrakul Navasakulchai says:

    I love her <3

  5. a6entoren6e says:

    i love this girl

  6. HannahOgden says:

    That was actually really good, I’m now a fan of JB. But damn I wish that person in the background would not talk over top of her!

  7. vidlvr99 says:

    lol yep, I agree, she has a great personality, but I’m pretty sure that the fact that she’s INSANELY HOT was also a factor.

  8. vidlvr99 says:

    I think she’s a good actress but I think the only film I’ve seen her in that didn’t rely on her hotness was The Illusionist.

  9. roflcunnt says:

    Jessica was so incredible in TCM remake. Anyone that says shes a bad actress, they should watch that movie.

  10. vitaminC7657 says:

    She looks like vintage Carly Simon here.

  11. Canadaroxmysox247 says:

    she’s just a badass. i love her.

  12. jdmovieluver says:

    she rocks

  13. manulito2 says:

    justin timberlake is one lucky man.

  14. lettucelive says:

    Omgosh Jessica Biel is so fucking cool.

  15. TheBeeDreams says:


  16. rachieface103 says:

    i never realized but she’s so down to earth and funny!!! love her

  17. tearsofwater815 says:

    Justin also said that he loves the sound of the snow…

  18. nflhester3 says:

    keep laughing lady in the background it’s really contagious…

  19. Sarah Stewart says:

    I had no idea she was that funny. She’s awesome

  20. KeaneLuvr says:

    I agree Sarah Stewart, loved this video of her!

  21. STillison says:

    oh my god she’s hilarious

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