Massive Attack – I Against I

Jessica Biel, Lindsay Lohan and Natalie Portman all in one strip joint. Yay.

Powder Blue

On the gritty streets of LA, the destinies of four people desperate for connection and redemption are about to collide. Jessica Biel, Ray Liotta, Forest Whitaker and Eddie Redmayne lead a top-notch cast in this powerful thriller about an overwhelmed erotic dancer, a grieving husband who has lost his will to live, a terminally ill ex-con and a pathologically shy mortician. With Kris Kristofferson, Lisa Kudrow and Patrick Swayze in unforgettable supporting roles, this film movingly chronicles the imperfect lives of people teetering on the edge of despair and the miracles that bring them back.

Stills from Powder Blue (Click for larger image)

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25 Responses to Massive Attack – I Against I

  1. jigiti says:

    epic editing

  2. CarlReaganBiatch says:

    Real good profits XD

  3. alrags1979 says:

    Worth watching over and over and over. 3 Baddass women.

  4. Vasco Machado says:

    Massive video ,with a massive sound !

  5. predat8472 says:

    lol, Ray looks like he’s a gay man turning straight.

  6. Frost811 says:

    Love it. Nicely done.

  7. ATeddyBeerA says:

    Why so “few” views??
    The best vid on ytube!!!
    You deserved:

  8. KoiChannel says:

    Look up the song “Storm Swallow”, similar trippy beats and colorful soundscapes.

  9. Ora Onotale says:

    this song turns me on in a way I have never been turned on. Its strange and I can barely explain it the way he lusts over them, gave me a new fantasy, thats for sure…

  10. SlasherCraniumBasher says:

    Bad man never fret the war tell’em come general we got the stalk the mad fiya burrnnn

  11. stephenmartinez642 says:

    Jessica biel you are the sexist woman alive 3

  12. goliath86goliath says:

    i really think this is the best video in youtube

  13. Axel Hudry says:

    My favourite song of all time.

  14. deaddyz says:

    At 1:26 i thought i am looking at a mirror for a second

  15. Ora Onotale says:

    me too man

  16. floydi4n says:

    One hell of a bass!!!

  17. mrgudmartin says:

    cool vid good edit good sound thumbs up.

  18. Dimitri Petrov says:

    Fucking awesome!

  19. wickedwetcat says:

    aahhhh, those brillant actors, this brilliant music, AWESOME thanks!

  20. AspieKing26 says:

    A video showcasing one of my favorite ways of wasting money. Entertainment with none of the spending.

  21. AllDopedUp13 says:

    Yo this video is so well put together. The different strip club parts from different movis put in one? SICK!!!! Love it & Im a girl & I cant stop listening to this dope Mos Def track & great visuals

  22. Ares9203 says:

    the awesomest video ive ever watched… at first (i was high) i thout it was a movie dude 0_o U ROCK!

  23. speakermanx says:

    I think if Jessica Biel clubbed a seal I still couldn’t be mad at her.

  24. fortune42100 says:

    wow excellent editing. well done

  25. MySomatic says:

    this should be official video of this soundtrack !

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