McCarthy’s Complete Interview Take the Crap Out. (2 of 2)

Jenny McCarthy (2 of 2): Take the Crap Out of Vaccines. Complete raw footage interview. Take the Crap Out of Vaccines and THEN MAYBE we will shut up!

If It Was Easy, They’d Call the Whole Damn Thing a Honeymoon: Living with and Loving the TV-Addicted, Sex-Obsessed, Not-

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18 Responses to McCarthy’s Complete Interview Take the Crap Out. (2 of 2)

  1. BumsenDK says:

    how can she say that he doesnt have autism anymore, then say….if we dont treat this in him, he will stop speaking again…?

  2. Robyn S says:

    Absolutely AMAZING!! Go Jenny. =)

  3. sa12345 says:

    It’s very brave of her to say that message out loud again and again when people are so skeptical about it. Hope that more children will be helped by her and these many people’s effort.

  4. amandaberesford says:

    she didn’t say he doesn’t have autism anymore, she said he’s recovered.

  5. amandaberesford says:

    Sorry, yes she does say he no longer has autism, but in most of her interviews she describes her son as being “recovered”. I think she states that if she does not maintain his treatments he will relapse.

  6. sacredmama7 says:

    as i watch this my autistic child is running up and down my hallway screaming inconsolably fllapping his hands, and looking at his feet.I have been told by my sons doctors not to listen to jenny and people like her because they offer false hope, but god it feels good to have hope.I want to find a defeat autism now doctor in my area and start detoxifing my child now.I am so thankful for jenny and all her hard work to heal this generation of son can’t say thank you …yet

  7. heytracey says:

    yeah, it’s all in preventing autistic behavior and helping them develop as normally as possible. my little brother has autism, he still can’t speak yet, but with everything we’re doing he’s progressing. but if stop being right on point with every “therpy method”, he falls backwards again. you can never truly be “recovered” from something like this

  8. Francescka Bronte says:

    My daughter, now 26, suffered convulsions from the age of 2 after her vaccines. The state in my country, New Zealand, has also refused to accept responsibilty for what has been done to three generations. But one day everyone will look back and realise vaccination was a mistake and as a concept could not work, and that the social cost was far too high. A diet as natural as possible of fresh raw fruit and veg, spirulina and chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals aids in recovery.

  9. Francescka Bronte says:

    Its also really important to avoid processed foods that contain MSG and Aspartame, as it is believed these too may trigger or aggravate autism.

  10. usecori says:

    It’s risky to do heavy chelation. Some children have died. We did both light and heavy chelation and got good results. But one needs to have a VERY experienced Dr. Also, not every Autistic child has heavy metal toxicity. They can be tested first. Evidence of chronic toxicity has to be evaluated differently than acute.

  11. usecori says:

    My son is on a GF/CF diet. He had a dramatic response at age eight. It takes a week to get rid of casein and a month for gluten. After we got rid of these (making many mistakes first-it takes a long time to learn how to read labels-don’t give up too soon) my son refused to eat the products that made him sick-a child who refuses sweets and baked goodies with wheat. Go figure. He said he didn’t like that it made him feel like he couldn’t control himself-his words…

  12. IlovetylerandHunter says:

    hmm..weaker immune systems? Don’t a majority of moms bottle feed now days? Breastfeeding is a MUST and will help build your babies immune system! There are no antibodies in formula like there is in your breastmilk…Not saying formula causes autism, but if your babies immune system isn’t built up, they will have a more difficult time breaking down the toxins in vaccines!

  13. laura crane says:

    Totally agree with you… this is the only thing she hasn’t mentioned in her book!

  14. vitaladyoverhere says:

    i dont give my child any vaccines, ibelieve its very bad for them. god created there own imune systems and children dont need vaccines, and breastfeed only, if i only want the best for my child then i will do only everything for him to be the best mother i can for him!!!

  15. anthonyw713 says:

    Lead panit was ever present until 1976. Abestos was in every known insulation in the world. gas toxins were exposed to familys coal burning for heat was mass co2 exposure. All of which are toxic. Why is autisum only a real issue untill the late 80s? who knows but our kids have always been exposed to toxic chemicals. But not untill the late 80s were the toxins injected under the skin evading all our immune systems safeguards.

  16. holyjesus says:

    It is believed by people who don’t understand anything about reality.

  17. Southsider75 says:

    You are so right. She has actually responded “not anymore” when asked if her son has autism. I don’t remember every place she said that, but on Larry King is one of them.

  18. rancidgirl77 says:

    wow – immunizations and anti-biotics cause/worsen autism spectrum disorders? how many people reading this or watching this video have had both and are fine? one thing i have always wanted to ask ms. mccarthy is -if your son is ‘recovered’ and no longer has autism, why not show a video of him to the public? yes, privacy for a child is important, but you are making his ‘recovery’ your ‘goal in life’..why not prove everyone (such as me and my fellow researchers) your successes??

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