New Royal Caribbean Movie: The Allure of Love – A Short Film Directed by & Starring Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy directs and stars in the newest Royal Caribbean movie: “The Allure of Love” which was shot on the Allure of the Seas! The movie is a sexy romantic comedy where two friends hatch the perfect plan to bring a couple back together, but things go awry when the former lovers — at first unaware that they’re on the same ship — start a picture posting battle to prove they are over each other. It’s an unexpected comedic journey, but will they find love again on the high seas? The cast includes Scott Elrod, Coutrney Henggeler & Charles Malik Whitfield. We’d love to stay in touch! Connect with us on Facebook & Twitter

If It Was Easy, They’d Call the Whole Damn Thing a Honeymoon: Living with and Loving the TV-Addicted, Sex-Obsessed, Not-

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23 Responses to New Royal Caribbean Movie: The Allure of Love – A Short Film Directed by & Starring Jenny McCarthy

  1. katiezbeauty says:

    i surprisingly liked this 🙂

  2. Graham Taylor says:

    i have to go on royal prinsess 🙁

  3. Graham Taylor says:

    Is not a commercial its a very smart advertising strat but the ship is epic!!!!
    you can fit 4 titanics in it from what i hear

  4. keijogirl says:

    Not a bad way to advertise a cruise line :3 Clever and kudos!

  5. PaulikaLove98 says:

    This should be a whole movie.

  6. AthenaPoseidonbooks says:

    Hahahaha!!! I love the best friends they’re awesome!!!

  7. RalphyDee says:

    Jenny is so crazy! I love that woman. I was laughing so hard @ 4:19…

  8. DempseyBloom says:

    Obviously it is. I actually quite like it though. It is interesting. You can see the ship from a different perspective. RCCL has money, and they can spend it however they like, and trust me, it is better than Carnivals advertisements.

  9. jman1948 says:

    All that data usage on her phone is going to be a shock when she sees the phone bill…

  10. xcallitfatex says:

    nice job royal caribbean because the people on cruises really look like that haha why didn’t they include the stampede to the buffet…

  11. Jacob619619 says:

    2:22 – Triple H wannabe!

  12. Patricia61922 says:

    She could have had unlimited.

  13. Winchester7314 says:

    Is that victor henrickson….SUPERNATURAL!!!!!

  14. alymanda16 says:

    omg they played this on the tv screens in the teen room of liberty lol

  15. throughtheshoot says:

    Hi RC ~ awesome movies. When are you going to do the next one? I cruised Allure in Apr 12 and it was spectacular.

  16. qatarairwaysfan100 says:

    i love seeing the view of this beautiful ship

  17. jackthayer says:

    even though it’s short it’s still one of my favorites

  18. Bannar says:

    LOL, the two may be getting together, but Jenny’s character still got the last laugh in the photo battle at the end there! Nice!

  19. browneyedgurl821 says:

    thats because it was the movie…it was a short film.

  20. TheofficialMBonline says:

    this movie is so cool

  21. Sage Kostenbaum says:

    I know! I thought so too! It was really clever.

  22. Sage Kostenbaum says:

    I know! I thought so too. It was really clever.

  23. MrB31987 says:

    6:45-6:52 Don’t hate Jenny lol 🙂

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