One Direction Songs – ALL

with the pictures i have I AM THOROUGHLY CONVINCED THAT ONE DIRECTION WAS SCULPTED BY THE BARE HANDS OF JESUS HIMSELF. kik me; unofficial1D follow my twitter. unofficiall1D ( i barely go on tho, im more of a tumblr person ) follow my tumblr; ( my personal one ) follow my 1D tumblr; http ( i rarely go on this one tho ) 00:00 Live While We’re Young 03:17 Little Things 06:54 Kiss You 09:59 C’mon C’mon 12:46 Last First Kiss 16:05 Heart Attack 19:04 Rock Me 22:25 Change My Mind 25:55 I Would 29:15 Over Again 32:20 Back For You 35:19 They Don’t Know About Us 38:38 Summer Love 42:05 She’s Not Afraid 45:16 Loved You First 48:20 Nobody Compares 51:51 Still The One 54:53 Truly, Madly, Deeply 57:55 Irresistible 1:01:50 Magic 1:04:57 What Makes You Beautiful 1:08:15 Gotta Be You 1:12:17 One Thing 1:15:35 More Than This 1:19:23 Up All Night 1:22:36 I Wish 1:26:11 Tell Me A Lie 1:29:27 Taken 1:33:23 I Want 1:36:14 Everything About You 1:39:50 Same Mistakes 1:43:27 Save You Tonight 1:46:52 Stole My Heart 1:50:17 Moments 1:54:39 Stand Up 1:57:33 Another World 2:00:58 I Should’ve Kissed You 2:04:32 Na Na Na 2:07:43 I’m Yours 2:11:09 Wonderwall 2:13:46 Use Somebody 2:17:25 Forever Young 2:21:07 Torn 2:23:30 Viva La Vida 2:25:40 My Life Would Suck Without You 2:27:30 Nobody Knows 2:30:00 Total Eclipse Of The Heart 2:31:50 Kids In America 2:34:11 Something About The Way You Look Tonight 2:36:12 All You Need Is Love 2:38:48 Summer Of 69′ 2:40:20 You Are So Beautiful 2

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25 Responses to One Direction Songs – ALL

  1. Kayla Knows Best says:

    just got a 1d poster while listening to 1d and planning w/ my friend how to go out w/them i think i might cry from happiness vote up if u r doin same thing!

  2. D1zn3ymAn1ak says:

    i love that part actually 😀

  3. D1zn3ymAn1ak says:

    yeah that just confused me…..idk ppl actually used directioner and directionator as 2 things, i thought ppl were misspelling or spelling a fun way or that thats how they call being a directioner….but if there really is a difference then directioners are lovers of 1D and directionators are the crazy obsessed stalker fans….xP no offence…:P

  4. Danasaur Potato says:

    I only cry when that song comes on because it reminds me of Louis when he said he didn’t want to grow up. Forever Young…<3

  5. Destiny MacKinney says:

    Niall’s OW! In heart attack <3

  6. justdancexox4 says:

    you copied my comment….

  7. myrandomishlife says:

    Forever Young isn’t on UAN… The boys sang it on The X Factor…

  8. TheLilyaaaaa says:

    Srry wrong comment

  9. jenniferouye says:

    Plot twist:
    “They Don’t Know About Us” is about Haylor O.o

  10. Alexa Fleck says:

    Omg louis marry marry me

  11. Jordan Nichole says:

    25:05 . Boom. We’re all pregnant.

  12. Alexa Fleck says:

    Thats wierd

  13. Katyusci d.s says:

    sem palavras!

  14. Katyusci d.s says:


  15. Tehya Huff says:

    It’s irrelevant but in the make a sentence I make out with Niall in a lift…

  16. SwagginUpp says:

    @Mika Stylison I did I though only I realized it :D

  17. jazmynegoerner says:


  18. Morgan Decker says:

    Is it sad that I replayed it?

  19. Hans Willard says:

    who did it to 2:51:51 giv me a like~ 🙂

  20. Crystal Finnerty says:

    Like this comment if you get lost in Louis’ eyes:)

  21. jaime lopez says:

    one direction para  brenda desde gran bretaña

  22. Smiley DJ says:

    44:32 … Niall’s Laugh !! *0* 3

  23. cassie nix says:

    ok look what eva niall is mine

  24. SuperMarynicole says:

    0:16:06 Lou’s flyin’

  25. Destiny Cooke says:

    haha so much drama

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