One Direction Songs

follow my tumblr; ( currently under costimization, so it looks wack . lol ) follow my twitter; add me on kik; unofficial1D Descript. update 11/18/12 : as you may know , my friend ( 1Dleavemespeachless ) commit suicide because of haters.. well today, her mom let me use her laptop to see if she told anyone about her depression issues. she didnt, she did keep a secret tumblr.. shes been in depression for 4 years .. i went to her youtube account tho and deleted it. i know that since i did, people are gonna be saying” oh shes not dead , attention whore” bla bla bla. so yea, i am saying it here in my descript. that IM the one who deleted it, k? 00:00 Live While We’re Young 03:17 Little Things 06:54 Kiss You 09:59 C’mon C’mon 12:46 Last First Kiss 16:05 Heart Attack 19:04 Rock Me 22:25 Change My Mind 25:55 I Would 29:15 Over Again 32:20 Back For You 35:19 They Don’t Know About Us 38:38 Summer Love 42:05 She’s Not Afraid 45:16 Loved You First 48:20 Nobody Compares 51:51 Still The One 54:53 What Makes You Beautiful 58:12 Gotta Be You 1:02:15 One Thing 1:05:32 More Than This 1:09:21 Up All Night 1:12:34 I Wish 1:16:09 Tell Me A Lie 1:19:25 Taken 1:23:21 I Want 1:26:12 Everything About You 1:29:28 Same Mistakes 1:33:25 Save You Tonight 1:36:49 Stole My Heart 1:40:14 Moments 1:44:37 Stand Up 1:47:30 Another World 1:50:55 I Should’ve Kissed You 1:54:26 Na Na Na 1:57:40 I’m Yours 2:01:06 Wonderwall 2:03:43 Use Somebody 2:07:22 Forever Young 2:11:04

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25 Responses to One Direction Songs

  1. jaine areda says:

    sou brasilera mais amo vcs ay love brazil

  2. thepowerofrandomnes1 says:

    You know, I might just possibly be able to take you more seriously, you know, if you had spelled example right.

  3. thepowerofrandomnes1 says:

    So are you

  4. love4softball777 says:

    Because directioNATORS spell it like Nyle and Lewis. Clearly you are the one that can’t read and understand peoples comments, gosh now leave me alone peasant

  5. love4softball777 says:

    honey why are you calling yourself gay????

  6. beavis butthead says:

    This is the worst band ever plus justin biber

  7. thepowerofrandomnes1 says:

    What the crap????? I was just tell you that I would take you more seriously if you had spelled example right!!!!!! Therefore, you can not understand comments very well.

  8. ahleesheeyaah says:

    you don’t even know how to spell Justin Bieber, so why are you even here.

  9. MaineCare says:

    Sorry, is this a 1D hating video? No its 1D songs. Please don’t be rude, if you hate it don’t listen to it. Don’t share your hate. Thank you.

  10. Hay Hay Jack says:

    You’re so welcome! Hope you have a nice day!

  11. 1d1D1d1Direction1198 says:

    They’re gonna do one next year 😀

  12. Colonel Wilkins says:

    You jackass 1D Are Gay

  13. TheCraigy83 says:

    Fuck off if i feel like sharing my opinion on these douche bags i will and there’s nothing u can do about it ,and there’s nothing i enjoy more them replying to little geeks like u mainecare.

  14. SunnyDKid96 says:

    and the point of this massive paragraph was no one actually gives a toss what you think about them and you cant hate them that much if you made the effort to look at there videos like seriously get a life and stop being a idiot and let people enjoy there music without seeing hateful comments .

  15. rasmus andersen says:

    umm that just racist??

  16. mjakakilla says:

    maybe u should add a little bit of some metal into ur songs that will give it a cool edge I’m not hateing on u guys I just thought it would be cool

  17. LoveLouisT25886 says:

    She spelled their names wrong to show that she was trying to act like a directionator. Don’t flip.

  18. LoveLouisT25886 says:

    Both Right! Now stop fighting!

  19. MegaSparks29 says:


  20. Alejaandra26Cerna says:

    They are so amaZAYN!

  21. nathaliecake says:


  22. MsOmgcupcakes says:

    i listen to this everyday i luv them!!!!!!!

  23. nathaliecake says:

    im sorry for your loss. im suicidel like your friend. 🙁 i understand your friend. its imposable to stop cutting even when your happy as hell. sorry im cussing.

  24. katie jai says:


  25. Brianna C says:


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