Playing for Keeps: Jessica Biel Makeup Tutorial

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Easy Virtue

Jessica Biel, Colin Firth, Kristin Scott Thomas and Ben Barnes bring No├źl Coward’s witty comedy of manners magnificently to life in this “deliciously cheeky” (Ella Taylor, The Village Voice) adaptation from director Stephan Elliott (The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert). When British playboy John brings his new wife Larita – a race car-driving feminist from Detroit – home to meet the family at their country estate, pretty much everyone’s expectations are disappointed. His snooty mother is offended by Larita’s carefree American ways, while Larita does everything she can to get her mother-in-law to loosen up, which only annoys her even more. John’s sisters have diametrically opposed feelings about their new sister-in-law, but his father is intrigued to have finally found another who sees through the family’s fa├žade – and takes great perverse pleasure in watching his wife meet her match.

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25 Responses to Playing for Keeps: Jessica Biel Makeup Tutorial

  1. gypsijewel says:

    you´╗┐ really look good in dark makeup

  2. Beautynthebronzer says:

    I love´╗┐ this! It won’t let me like it tho

  3. o0ohlaura says:

    Wait… is this video´╗┐ BEFORE you dyed your hair red? 0_0

  4. cindjy8 says:

    you’re so beautiful!´╗┐

  5. MystiqueHarmony says:

    You’re so gorgeous.´╗┐ ­čÖé

  6. MsFmorales says:

    I would love´╗┐ to have my makeup done by you your great!

  7. MakeupByKaat says:

    I love this look! I am so wearing this´╗┐ for xmas (:

  8. SoChristinaful says:

    Love this´╗┐ look!

  9. PinkBling Crafter says:

    Love your videos and I just bought the Mac Pro longwear concealer´╗┐ yesterday and I can’t wait to try it:) Have a great weekend!

  10. JenJenLola says:

    I luv this look!! I must achieve this look´╗┐ for thanksgiving! Thanks hun!

  11. Cecilia De Tejada says:

    beautiful´╗┐ perfect eyebrows!!!!!!!

  12. themakeuplover36 says:

    Very pretty´╗┐ look defenetly would wear!

  13. cheezeluver4 says:

    beautiful, and of course, LOVEDDD the jollllly music in´╗┐ the background!

  14. chyeatiffany says:

    i love your eyebrows here! it may be the shape but omg, LOVE´╗┐

  15. Marie Cruz says:

    doing this tonight (: how do you stop the´╗┐ mac pro long wear concealer from creasing? iI have it & it creases so much ! ):

  16. Mbestwani says:

    Hi´╗┐ Leina, what foundation did you use int his video? Its flawless!

  17. DI4MONDPRiiNC3SS says:

    simple & sexy´╗┐

  18. LoveStreettt says:

    What sharpener do´╗┐ you use for your eyeliner?

  19. luciexo85 says:

    Love´╗┐ it!

  20. SoFrolushesTV says:

    very simple´╗┐ yet so effective. very nice

  21. MakeupByLeinaBaaaby says:

    Sephora :)´╗┐

  22. MakeupByLeinaBaaaby says:

    Beauty Blender is the trick´╗┐ ­čÖé

  23. MakeupByLeinaBaaaby says:

    Awesome!!! Have a wonderful weekend´╗┐ as well! <3

  24. MakeupByLeinaBaaaby says:

    Lol´╗┐ yes

  25. CommonTashh says:

    Love how you contour your´╗┐ nose!

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